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    Luggage Rack Spoiler

    Looking for leads on a spoiler for my 1988 Vert. Car has luggage rack, and I am looking for one that will install without removing the rack. New or used, I can work with either. Let me know if you have any leads.
  2. R

    Right rear clunk when hitting bumps

    I know there are multiple other threads talking about noise in the rear but none match my specific issue. So I decided to make a new thread. I’ve got a 2017 gt performance package with just over 20k on the clock. When I go over bumps, speed bump, pot hole, plate in road, the car makes a clunk...
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    Interior and Upholstery 1992 GT - Trunk release switch

    trunk release doesnt work, is there any way i can try fixing it or do i just have to get a new trunk release switch kit?
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    98 coupe trunk light location?

    Previous owner removed the trunk/cargo light. I bought a bulb, looked up in the deck lid, cannot for the life of me figure out where it goes. No pictures anywhere online. Can someone open their trunk and take a picture to show me where the light is? Thanks all
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    SOLD Supercharged 1989 SSP Coupe $13,500 obo

    1989 ex Texas Department of Public Safety Special Service Package coupe, verified by buck tags and VIN on the VIN project list. H/C/I/SC, TKO600, 31 spline axles, Tweecer RT. Lots of pics: My goal for the build of the...
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    66 Mustang Rebuild.

    Hey guys i'm having some issues. I usually think my way through them, but today i decided I needed some input. so far I've replaced floor pans, doors outer wheel house fabricated new trunk, and replaced both quarters. Here's my biggest issue so far. I thought my trunk lid was bent...