1. elio3848


    I have a 1995 mustang gt automatic with a built engine, it has a 331 stroker kit, stage 2 trick flow top end kit that comes with the trick flow stage 2 camshaft and full exhaust with x pipe high flow mufflers and around 10.5/1 compression. I just bought this car and the past owner gave me 2 SCT...
  2. P

    Returning to stock question

    I have a 2001 Mustang GT that I recently got that came with an SCT tune. I’m not sure if the tune was a custom tune or just a preloaded tune. He could’ve just changed the fuel octane rating and that’s it in the settings as well, but I’m not sure. I want to return the car to stock temporarily...
  3. B

    Engine Smoke and burning smell when coming to stop

    I’ve been getting smoke out of the exhaust and what I think is a burning smell when coming to a complete stop. This only happens usually after going down a hill and low RPMs and a little bit of engine breaking is involved. It’s an auto car so when I say engine breaking I mean like 1,300 rpm or...
  4. M

    several general questions about my new 93 gt

    ok I have a 93 mustang gt I bought from recently the problems im having is semi poor gas milage and overheating and my sub and amp just stopped working and my head lights randomly turn off first the mods list gt40 upper and lower intake gt40 iron heads not P heads bbk shortys with off road...
  5. E

    Help with Tune!!

    Hi, I’m currently driving an automatic 2017 5.0 with a roush cold air intake, roush full active exhaust and own a SCT X4 tuner with a Standard 93 octane tune but it seems to be riding a little rough (especially when downshifting, mostly into second gear) Any suggestions what I could change as...
  6. A

    99 Mustang GT - What’s the best tune and best supercharger?

    I’m making plans to do some performance work to my car but I need help with what to get. Should I Turbo or Supercharge and if so what is best for 99 GT. Also what tunes are the best? Places like American muscle and CJ pony parts have bias’s so I would love to hear from real people.
  7. T

    Low Dyno Numbers Help!

    hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction. So over the past month are so I installed trick flow twisted wedge 170 heads along with and Anderson n-41 camshaft in my 93 cobra. I had matt moss port my lower cobra intake to match the heads. Here’s where I’m stumped.. I took the car to...
  8. E

    I Need Information About Tunes

    I just recently bought a cold air intake from SR Performance for my 1998 V6 Mustang. It will add 14 horsepower and 15 torque. I am new to all this tuning stuff so I was wondering if I even need to get a tune, and if I do, where I can go to get a tune? If anybody knows some one in the Oklahoma...
  9. K

    Willie Lynch Dirty Dirty Racing Tune

    I have a Automatic 2002 Mustang gt 4.6 with 3.55 gears in the rear, is a cool nice daily driver wasn't very fast. After going back and forth if I wanted to supercharge or turbocharge my mustang I finally made my discussion and went with the tork tech Mustang Terminator GT Intercooled Kit. I'm...
  10. Street Renegade

    Video Of My New Exhaust

    Cold start, regular driving, aggressive driving, WOT, etc... Let me know what you guys think! View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbwIf7Y_TGg
  11. Captain_Jack

    2014 V6 Sluggish

    I've heard there are methods for tuning the 2014 V6 Cyclone so that the power band begins somewhere around 1 or 2k RPM instead of the stock 3k. Is this true? (I assume there is some truth to it because there is a forum prefix called "Digital Tuning"). Has anyone tried this? Are there some to...
  12. J

    Looking To Tune The Gt

    hey guys, I have recently modified my car since i have purchased it i believe back in Jan of this year. List of modifications done to the car 2002 Mustang GT 173k exedy stage 1 clutch SR Performance CAI 70MM BBK throttle body 75MM Professional Products Plenum (is it normal to hear a whistle do...
  13. Street Renegade

    Some Questions About Tuning

    My 2016 mustang gt is stock besides a borla catback. I'm interested in doing sticky tires, wheel hop kit, PMAS intake, and a tune.. Anyone know how do I get a tune in central ohio or anywhere for that matter? What kind of tune should I get (BAMA, Lund, street tune, dyno, something else, I...
  14. D

    How Can I Return My Ecu To Stock? Help!

    Hi guys, I am in the UK and have a 2011 Mustang GT. I've just installed a late 2014 crate engine (guessing late 14 by the different dipstick) into it as the last one died. However, we cant get the crank sensors to relearn and we've tried everything, revving it higher, taking it for a drive...
  15. 0

    Dyno Tuning

    I have a 2008 GT with an MMR 5.0 running a Saleen supercharger on 8lbs. It's currently on a XXX tune and honestly it isn't the greatest. I'm adding a 110mm intake and ford racing throttle body and swapping the pulley to 12lbs. I'm located in southeast Alabama and I'm curious as to what...
  16. FrankenStang88

    Digital Tuning Options On Tuning?

    I had been talking to a shop for a while about getting a tune done on my 88 gt. Come to find out when i asked a different shop if they could tune it they said all you can really do to "tune" it was to advance/retard timing. Not sure who to believe in this situiation. I want to believe that...
  17. T

    99 Mustang V6 Supercharged With Vortech V2

    99 mustang v6 with 00 v6 engine has 47k miles has 39lb injectors off 03 cobra, has a windstar intake swap, 300 lph fuel pump, stage 3 clutch, ram built steel flywheel, sct x4 tuner, ba2600 maf, supercharger is pushing 5.5 to 6 pounds of boost making right at 300 hp and 310tq to the wheels, I had...
  18. M

    Email/remote Tune Worth It?

    So I just want to know if anyone has experience with these and are they worth it? I'll start by saying I know that a dyno tune is the best but the cheapest one around (coincidentally the only one around) is $500 and that's kind of steep considering I plan on boosting in the next 3 or 4 years and...
  19. Rodrigo

    Best Or Favorite Air Intake/tune Combo?

    Looking to get one soon and was wondering what the best combo is out there. Also would it matter if I got it before I got my cat back exhaust put on?