1. MoDriver

    SOLD 1964 Ford 260 C4OE Head, Mustang, Comet, Mercury

    ///Sold/// Listed is a Ford Motor Company (FoMoCo) head for a Ford 260 V8. This head is identified as C4OE-O and includes valves, valve Springs, retainers, etc. assembled. The date code on both heads is 4F19 (June 19, 1964), so the intake valve is understood to be 1.67 and the exhaust valve is...
  2. PakstinN

    Bent 302 Cam??

    alright so a couple months ago I had the misfortune of blowing up my 5.0 (crank snapped...picked timing chain up off street) and when we were taking the cam out we noticed that it seemed kind of hard to pull the cam out of the first set of cam bearings, after that it came out perfectly...when...
  3. J

    Engine Need Help With Valve Train

    So I got a 86 fox about a year ago with a 92 EFI roller motor and I'm rebuilding it and switching to carborated I pritymuch have everything done exsept for the valve train im looking and a set of heads with .550 max lift and the comp 35-302-8 and I'm thinking 1.6 stud rockers would that be...