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  1. nelzfoxes

    What's it Worth? 1993 Royal Blue LX hatchback

    I have asked this before but I figure I'll ask again in this forum. I have a mostly original 1993 LX in need of rust repair and restoration. The car has 185,000 miles and needs quite a bit of work. It is an original 5.0, 5 speed car. The original Royal Blue paint is faded. It is numbers...
  2. G

    What's it Worth? 65 Mustang coupe price, 289 C4 in MA

    I will be selling my 65 Coupe located in MA soon. Just waiting on a brake line kit from CSRP to wrap up the disc brake swap. Trying to determine fair asking price. Car has clean title (took me almost 2 years to get one after I purchased it about 10 years ago!). Original 289 2V and C4 car...
  3. S

    What's it Worth? Mustang GT Convertible Whipple Supercharged + $40K in upgrades

    What's it worth Extensively modified by a car loving professional (physician) enthusiast. FRPP Whipple Supercharger PLUS sent to Kenny Brown and BMR for a long list of supporting mods. Is lighter than, corners better than, and stops way better than a GT500. List of mods includes but is not...
  4. Noobz347

    Administrative The Purpose of This Forum

    This is the [lone] location on Stangnet where you can post your Mustang related 'stuff' and ask the question: What is this worth? :shrug: This is a test forum and will likely evolve a bit as we go.