1. joshc1263

    Wipple Stage 2 Vs. Roush Phase 2

    Looking to get blown whats everyone's opinion on the wipple stage2 kit vs. the roush phase2 kit?
  2. 9

    Aunt Passed And Left Me Her Mustang... What To Do

    I am now the owner of a 95' 5.0 Convertible Mustang. It was my Aunts car, she loved it and she left it too me. I have some cash at my disposal, about $10,000, and I want to make this car really fly in her memory becaise she would love that. So I guess the question is, if you had a 95' 5.0...
  3. VMP Dual Fan Heat Exchanger (05-14 Mustang)

    VMP Dual Fan Heat Exchanger (05-14 Mustang)

    Check out our complete line of VMP Tuning Performance Parts here: http://www.latemodelrestoration.com/products/VMP-Tuning-Mustang-Parts The VMP Dual Fan Heat Exchangers provide you with the ULTIMATE cool mod for your supercharged Mustang. LatemodelRestoration.com offers these triple pass heat...