1. X

    Electrical problem, Need help!

    Hey there, i need Help. I got an 69’ Mustang with AOD trans. But now i wanted to start the car, but just connect battery cable with battery and then it starts. The ignnition switch - off position. If i wana shut down the car i must disconnect battery cable. I changed solenoid, new ignition...
  2. J

    1999 Mustang GT, E-Brake Assembly/Wiring Failure (Help Needed)

    On my 1999 Mustang GT (Convertible), you need to engage the E-Brake which will then trigger the dashboard parking brake light to go on, and once it's on, the top can go down, or up. However, the assembly has been failing about 9 out of 10 times and I need to try to pull it up, release it, repeat...
  3. S

    Explorer 5.0 swap

    I have a 4cyl 1990 car and I just bought a 98 explorer with a 5.0 and automatic. how can i get the ecu and harness from the explorer to work? the mustang will have a manual in it so how will i get the ecu from the automatic explorer to work with a t5?
  4. T

    Need help with Wiring (obd2/DLC)

    so i have an 88 fox, and I've swapped a 1996 drive train (2V, 5 speed rear end, suspension and brakes) and of course the electrical system from the 1996 GT is now in the FOX. I'm trying to now hook up the DLC so i have obd2 to tune the car, and I'm lost. Does anyone have any wire diagrams or...
  5. N

    New Headlights, Low Beams not working, Hi-Beams half working

    Title Just bought some new Headlights for my 2001 GT. Low beams refuse to come on. Hi-Beams cannot be toggled on, but I can Flash them. Blinkers also dont reset. Im not sure what the problem would be here... Looking for some good advice to start diagnosing this problem. I have replaced the...
  6. I

    Electrical help! 03 mustang headlights

    So I just installed the “white face reverse glow gauges” and my turn signals work but my headlights (low and high beams) don’t work. Also, I can use the “flash to pass” and my lights come on.. don’t know what to do
  7. K

    Need help with headlight harness/switch/wiring in 2000 Mustang

    so I've been having the issue of my headlights having a flickering/cutting out completely problem randomly while driving at night (obviously not using headlights during the day). I bought a brand new battery which didn't solve the issue, upon looking for more reasons as to why this was happening...
  8. M

    Electrical 02 GT - Multiple Electrical Issues

    Hey everyone, as I said in my introduction thread I picked up a 5 speed 2002 GT about a month ago. Of course after I bought it I started noticing a couple electrical issues. When I have the headlights on and engage the high beams they come on right away, but the indicator on the dash does not...
  9. no_fox_given

    1994 5.0 mystery wiring connector

    Hello all, first time poster after owning this car for about 1.5 years now, bought the car already heavily modded. I've finally found a wiring connector that I am unable to find in any wiring diagram, FSM, EVTM, forum post or google search... The connector is on the body harness, behind the...
  10. paddyrk

    Electrical 1991 LX 5.0, radio wiring help, ECU swap

    Hi, I am new to the forum and recently did a 347 swap into my '91 fox, and when doing so, I replaced the ECU with a Holley Hp EFI system. I have the car running and driving, but the radio does not turn on. I believe the radio got its power from the old ECU through its system of big red wires...
  11. wiseguyk

    Electrical Is A/C compressor harness diode necessary?

    Hey guys, I'm nearing completion of wire tucking my 91 LX and had a question about eliminating the stock A/C compressor harness that has the diode in it. I did a r134a conversion and have an aftermarket Sanden compressor which only uses the single black/yellow wire to engage the compressor...
  12. T

    2.3 To 5.0 Wiring Questions

    I have the majority of the wiring done (I think) I used a duraspark ignition module. Have a ignition harness with it too. Got everything hooked up (coil, dizzy, module) and there's a few extra wires that don't go to any connectors. One of them is pink coming from the igntion coil positive...
  13. T

    Carb 302 Ignition Wiring

    I have everything wired up (starter, alternator, ignition). But coming off the positive side ignition coil terminal is a pink wire. Where does this connect to? There also a white, red, and yellow wire that aren't going to anything but coming from the igntion module. Any help?
  14. W

    Putting A 88 5.0 Motor In A 86 4 Cylinder Car.. Computer And Wiring Harness

    Hey guys new here so bare with me.. I have a 86 roller 4 cyl 5 speed car.. I have an 88 donor car 5 speed 5.0 with maf conversion that I will be putting in my 86.. am i going to run into any issues with the 88 wiring harness going on to an 86 car.. and will I need to anything else from the 88...
  15. T

    (carb Wiring)do I Need A Distributor Rotor To Blaster Coil Wire?

    I have the whole duraspark ignition module and wiring. I have the 3 wires that run from the dizzy to ignition harness but do I need a wire that runs from the center of the distributor rotor to the top of the ignition blaster style coil? If I do need it where do I get one? Cant seem to find one...
  16. J

    2010 Gt Headlight Wiring

    I've looked everywhere and can't find the stupid diagram or info anywhere! I just want to know the 3 wire color code to my 2010 Mustang GT Premium's headlights. High/Low/Ground... Not sure which goes to what color... My wires are yellow with a purple stripe, black with a white stripe, and brown...
  17. droopie85gt

    Electrical 1985 Gt Wiring Questions

    A little background. I've had a 85GT for 8 or 9 years and it had a 3g alternator upgrade when I got it. I've converted it to Holley Commander 950. I am in the process of replacing the C950 with the HP ECU and want to redo all of my wiring I used to install it originally. I am also wanting to...
  18. B

    Pcm Short/bad Ground?

    I bought this car a few months ago. Turbo car built. Who ever did the wiring obviously messed something up. I had a no start issue where the theft light was flashing. Initially I thought it was a pats issue or a bad key. Had a locksmith come out and he confirmed that was not the issue. Well last...
  19. R

    Radiator Fan And Wiring Mess

    I bought a 95 gts to fix up and is currently a mess. The fan works when connected directly to the battery but I don't think it's turning on when it gets up to temp. On the dash the temp gauge looks higher then it is and rev gauge doesn't work at all. The guy I bought the car from was trying to...
  20. T

    Wiring Diagram For Carb 302 With Mechanical Fuel Pump?

    Does anyone have any kind of wiring diagram for a 302 carb motor with a mechanical fuel pump? I started from scratch buying and shortblock for my 1993 4 cylinder coupe. Have the motor complete and in, doing fuel lines Saturday. Was wondering how to wire it all? I have the ignition module, coil...