wont start warm

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    Engine 1979 FORD 302 & 2150 Question, wont start when hot

    Hello everyone, New to this website here. Owner of 79 Thunderbird with Ford 302 and 2150 carb. No place to ask a question, and I know thunderbird and mustang shared the same engine. So, im here. Here is my problem. Original everything, Motor craft 2150 carb. The carb is reman installed week...
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    98/3.6 Problem Starting Warm. Oil And Idle Bounce While Idle.

    Howdy! First post here! I have a problem with my niece's 98 Stang. When it gets warm, sometimes the idle will freak out and act like its going to die. Same time the oil "gauge" freaks out and starts bouncing! That happens at lights or parked. After we start driving it, that goes away tho. Once...