1. D

    94 cobra installing x303 cam Need Help Gramps helping Grandson street cred at stake

    I have installed an x303 cam in the 94 cobra bought a set of gt40p heads for it. What I did was take the original factory roller rockers (F3ZE-6529-AB Crane Cams) and installed them on the gt40p heads along with Comp cams (987-16) valve springs. I noticed the valves after I installed rocker...
  2. Fox5-0

    Forced Induction 1993 - Can I run my X303 Cam with Supercharger?

    Hey guys, I purchased a Vortech S-Trim V1 Supercharger and am getting ready to bolt it on. Will be running around 8psi of boost. My only concern has to do with my current X303 cam. To be honest, I really don't want to swap the cam unless it is absolutely necessary. I know the ABC cams are dated...
  3. T

    Sn95 Cam Swap Without Pulling Motor?

    anyone know if its possible to swap the cam in the sn95 1994-1995 mustang 5.0 302 without pulling the motor? thanks in advance
  4. A

    X303 Cam

    ok I have a 90 5.0, I alleady put 3.90 gears,, gt40/ford exployer heads and intake along with comp double valve springs,i looking to put a new cam in,,since this is a minor build is the xcam to much? any recommened cams would be helpfull