‘07 HOT ROD Pump Gas Drags is Coming! Register Now!

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  1. Hey Gang,
    Though it was almost killed off, HOT ROD's Pump Gas Drags (TM), will live another year, and the staff over here at HOT ROD Magazine would like to extend an invitation to all of you to join us for the '06 melee called PGD (TM),. In case you’re not aware, Pump Gas Drags (TM),, is a shootout of real street cars hand-selected by the magazine staff to compete in this one-of-a-kind event where every car gets loaded with Rockett Brand street gasoline, makes the drive from Comp Cams to the dragstrip, and shoots it out heads-up style for the braggin’ rights.
    The rules and format have been revamped slightly, so make sure to read carefully to ensure your cars within the new guidelines. Also, for the first time, cars eliminated from the competition will have the opportunity to “grudge race” in between the official rounds so everyone gets plenty of track time in.
    There’s 75 slots this year instead of 50, but NO alternates, so hurry up and get your registration in for consideration!

    Check out the all the new rules and get your registration here;


    Can’t race this year, but still want to come? Sounds good to us! Memphis Motorsports Park charges $10 to watch the test and tune the evening of Thursday, May 10. Lots of PGD(TM) cars are there, so it's worth it.
    It's free to come to Comp Cams to see the tech inspection starting around 8 a.m. on May 12, and you can take a free tour of the Comp Cams manufacturing facility, where all the cams are machined. The first 500 people who take that tour will get coupons for a $2 discount for entry to Memphis Motorsports Park for Pump Gas Drags(TM) racing on the afternoon of Saturday, May 12, which is $10 per person. The cruise from Comp Cams to the track will start around 3 p.m., and racing should begin at Memphis Motorsports Park around 4:30 p.m.

    Hope to see you there!

    Christopher Campbell
    Associate Editor
    HOT ROD Magazine
  2. Well thats nice for the street cars that are 8 9 or 10 second cars. Kinda leaves me out of the loop. I would have to spend mega coin to get into the 9's.
  3. you an me both~! oh thanks for letting me know there another event that i have to side line!