‘83 T-top Coupe - It’s Too Cold

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Nov 28, 2015
It’s Saturday. It was gloriously beautiful out today, except for one thing. It was only bout 60* at the warmest, more about that in a minute.

i started off correctly, of course.

Got my filler ready.

I spent an hour or so making the welds like I wanted. It’s all dressed. Except for that little bit on the welds for the shock tower! I just noticed that making this post. Oh well, five minutes work there.

Then I mixed the filler and spread it on the inside of the frame rails. Then I waited…….and waited…..and waited for it to harden. This is when I checked the temperature. 58*…….dammit.

It really needs to be 65* or above for the filler to harden, I felt like it was. I was wrong.

So tomorrow is supposed to be over 70*. I’ll sand the filler down then. All that’s left for this part is to get the filler in to make the joints smooth and pretty. If it’s warm enough tomorrow I should be done with this in less than an hour. Then I’ll spray a little etch primer just to protect the metal.

Then it’s on to the hard tail for the irs finally. I’m figuring I’ll have the irs back on the car tomorrow to begin the process.
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Wasn't a pretty sight...and I've got big hands
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Mar 2, 2015
I was moving crap to the new house all day. It was 60 here but the wind gusts were up to about 40mph. I cant wait to get beck to Dusty
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