Progress Thread “Rising from Ashes 14” 90 Saleen #163 build thread


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Jun 7, 2012
Got to think about that. I have a whole bunch sitting and waiting on action incuding a new T-56
No worries, we have time, just need to know at some point what we will get so I can order the proper trans mount ahead of time. It'll be easier and cheaper to do it when you reinstall the engine/trans than after the fact. There's nothing wrong with the 5 speed I have in there, but eventually when I upgrade the engine I'm sure I'll break it.
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I tend to be on the ocd side…
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Apr 22, 2009
For the last 2 yrs, I haven’t Seen much of the 90 Saleen. my customer who I picked the car up for had been having some issues with it. One day he washed the car and all of a sudden it wouldn’t run at all would just start and die or run for a minute and start back firing then die.
His new neighbor who is a GM master mechanic said it was fuel related so they replaced every fuel component. New tank, 255 pump, fiter, injectors and rails.
Nothing changed so they then replaced the throttle body, mass air and iac. No change. Mechanic says I am clue less. Could be anything. So my customer parked it in the back yard under a cover for a yr. Until I called.
I went over to his house, looked the car over but mainly just shot the breeze. He tells me all about the ordeal with the mysterious problem.
I make a good offer and buy the car. He starts trying to figure out how to get my trailer in his back yard. I go and have him start the car. He laughs and says,
Ok but no take back. I’m thinking same here. He starts the car and it huffs and dies.
Had him do this a few times while I visually inspect the car. I noticed the mass air plug had a broken clip that you normally pull to disconnect. Hmmm. So have him start it and I hold the plug tight against the mass air. Car runs so I let go of the pressure and it dies. So i get a couple zip ties and secure it. Car fires up perfect and runs perfect. Drive it around the block just for fun and in the trailer. The owner is dumbstruck. He says damn I spent $2,000 trying to fix something you fixed in 5 min with zip ties. Back to my shop it goes from there. But I tell this story to say. Dont guess and test with parts. If you dont have a reason based on reseach and identifying a specific issue…dont throw cash at it. Just take it to a pro. Not your neighbor. Very next day. I swapped the headlights and on the Dragon with it.
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Aug 25, 2016
I agree with the 'throw'n the parts house' at it.
Got a problem with a fox, 5.0 mustang?
Drop it at my house.
Just tell the girl on the porch I didn't buy it, just fix'n it.
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I tend to be on the ocd side…
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Apr 22, 2009
Wheels are the most important part of any build. So I made these count. All new chrome bolts and nuts. Buffed and cut faces. Painted barrels. And a bunch of hours polishing the lips. I didnt include pics of these being blasted, a bunch of primer and sanding to get them ready.
Just the good stuff.
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