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  1. Every year Autocar magazine run a 0-100-0 competition for production cars and also some modified cars too. In the past a 400bhp 5.0 Mustang has participated alongside a 450bhp Caterham a-like, Group B rally X racers with 700+bhp and even a 1000bhp Nissan Skyline. None of these actually hold the world record.

    This year however entry was for newly released STOCK production cars only.

    Its a simple event, from a standing start accelerate to 100mph then brake as hard as you can back down to zero. And that’s your recorded time. It has to be a complete run too, no cheating by taking the best 0-100 combined with best reaction and best 100-0 times as of course the cars didn't actually run those times.

    How did the new Mustang do, I hear you ask. Well pretty good actually. I mean it was never even going to be close to winning but that doesn't really matter.

    Mustang GT
    0-30 2.47
    0-60 5.64
    0-100 13.39
    Reaction time 0.21
    100-0 4.83
    TOTAL 18.43

    "About as fast as a well driven M3" that’s what they said. :D

    For comparison here's some other cars:

    C6 Vette
    0-30 1.90
    0-60 4.62
    0-100 10.80
    Reaction Time 0.23
    100-0 4.29
    TOTAL 15.32

    0-30 2.00
    0-60 4.44
    0-100 9.59
    Reaction 0.32
    100-0 4.71
    TOTAL 14.62

    VW Golf GTi DSG
    0-30 2.72
    0-60 6.52
    0-100 16.42
    Reaction 0.30
    100-0 4.69
    TOTAL 21.41

    Monaro (GTO)
    0-30 2.30
    0-60 5.30
    0-100 12.37
    Reaction 0.08
    100-0 4.72
    TOTAL 17.17

    Aston DB9
    0-30 2.13
    0-60 4.62
    Reaction 0.13
    100-0 4.55
    TOTAL 14.92

    Ford GT
    0-30 1.99
    0-60 3.93
    0-100 8.59
    Reaction 0.31
    100-0 4.27
    TOTAL 13.17

    Noble M400
    0-30 1.55
    0-60 3.72
    0-100 8.80
    Reaction 0.39
    100-0 4.32
    TOTAL 13.51

    TVR Sagaris
    0-30 2.02
    0-60 4.14
    0-100 9.16
    Reaction 0.26
    100-0 4.29
    TOTAL 13.71

    Mitsubishi Evo IX
    0-30 1.59
    0-60 4.23
    0-100 10.73
    Reaction 0.26
    100-0 4.16
    TOTAL 15.15

    Ariel Atom
    0-30 1.32
    0-60 3.15
    0-100 6.86
    Reaction 0.22
    100-0 3.80
    TOTAL 10.88

    Suzuki GSX-R1000
    0-30 1.51
    0-60 3.18
    0-100 5.63
    Reaction 0.26
    100-0 4.93
    TOTAL 10.82

    The Atom takes the victory this year but no new record this time round. That honour goes to the Caterham R500 Evo of last year with an overall time of 10.73

    Hope you find this as interesting as I did. When I get chance I'll try and scan the entire article and post it, until then enjoy.


    If you disagree with any of the times, remember all the cars where tested on the same day on a like for like basis by the same 4 drivers. If you genuinely believe 1 car should be quicker than the times quoted then the rest of the cars should also be quicker by the same %.
  2. Interesting, thanks.

    The Monaro times must not be for a LS2 powered one. The LS2 GTO is much quicker than that.
  3. nope thats the 400bhp LS2, only difference is RHD and the Vauxhall badge. But those do seem to be correct to other research I have done on the car.

    This is the 3rd different Monaro Autocar have tested, and all the results have been very similar.

    In the UK its historic prededessor is the Lotus Carlton with a 3.6 liter twin turbo setup. From rest to 140mph it walked all over a 400bhp Monaro. On back to back and side by side testing.

    Lotus Carlton 377bhp/419lb ft (remember power delivery is often more import than PEAK numbers)
    0-60 5.2 seconds
    0-100 11.94 seconds
    Top speed 176mph

    In 1992 it also competited in the 0-100-0 challenge and recorded a time of 17.80 seonds, this poor result is however due to the 5.86 seconds it took to do 100-0. Had it of matched the Monaro for breaking it would have been nearly a whole second faster overall.

    But as I said if anyone really beleives 1 particular car is quicker than the times recorded. It will be due to location and atmosoheric influences so the same percentage correction factor will need to be applied to all of the other results to keep them fair.
  4. So, this particular mag is saying that the 400HP Monaro is significantly slower 0-60 and 0-100 than the Mustang GT??? If so, it is the ONLY mag to suggest that. Event the ones that compared the stang and GTO side by side.

    If the numbers are correct there must be something significantly different between the 400HP Monaro and the 400HP GTO. Maybe gearing? Did they test the Monaro with an auto tranny?
  5. Mustang GT Monaro (GTO)
    0-30 2.47 0-30 2.30
    0-60 5.64 0-60 5.30
    0-100 13.39 0-100 12.37
    Reaction time 0.21 Reaction 0.08
    100-0 4.83 100-0 4.72
    TOTAL 18.43 TOTAL 17.17

    Where in the hell are you getting that is says the GT is faster??
  6. Looks like the GT loses everywhere.

    Are you on crack?
  7. How do they choose their contestants??

    I would've liked to see the new Porche #'s.
  8. Looks like the Mustang GT wins the $25K car category hands down.

    For the expensive category, the Ford GT seems to hold its own.
  9. Most likely they are chosen by which cars are loaned to them for the test.

  10. Maybe I am on crack.... I have no idea how I misread the initial post so badly. Oh well, I'll go tell me wife I made my mistake for the quarter.... she'll be happy I got it out of my system so now I can be perfect for the next 3 months.... :banana: :shrug:
  11. I thought I read that the Vaxhaul Monaro is geared slightly taller and that is the reason it has slower acceleration numbers but a top speed of 183mph.
  12. you may be right there. I'll try and find out.

    There was a Porsche running. A Carrera S and it was slightly slower than the Evo. There where quite a few other cars too. When I get a mo I'll type them all up.
  13. 0-100 5.63 Suzuki GSX-R1000, Holy Sheit Batman! :hail2:
  14. Its a motorcyle, so what?