0-100+ in a gt

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  1. Man i forget what stock gauges look like. I haven't seen mine since I bought the car
  2. to be honest, it really doesnt look that fast at all. i guess for a N/A car it would be good.

  3. I was thinking the same thing I have white face guages the stock ones look so different
  4. Damn man, way to give it hell!!
  5. nice.........i wish i could red line mine like that lol

  6. i think he could use a little BOOST!:D
  7. runs the same as yours :owned:


  8. Me too.

    This is what I'm used to look at when im driving around

  9. thats what I was thinking :shrug: seems quick to me, especially 0-50
  10. speedo actually doesnt keep up when you get off the throttle its still climbing
  11. Damn 4.30's are steep in a GT. My friend has them in the Cobra but they seem longer than that. He was pretty much done with 4th at around 110
  12. the Cobra has almost an extra 1000rpm to play with, so you can go longer in each gear.
  13. judging from the time, it looks like it took him about 12 seconds to 110. pretty quick n/a.
  14. Nice man :nice: ! Car looks to be pretty quick...but its hard to tell speed because those gears are so steep LOL. Im thinking those may be a little much....but your one of the better shifters out there, thats for sure. Faster than 90-95% of everyone else I see shifting in videos....

    Here is the link to my speedometer vid... first run was like 17-116. Second run was 65-105.

    BTW I wasnt trying to shift fast in this vid....I was driving, shifting, and video taping by myself LOL.
  15. Thats some real good shifting right there, i should try that in my car!! Maybe be i'll post the video sometime this week whenever i get a chance!! Good stuff though!!