0-100+ in a gt

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  1. I was just watching that video of yours on streetfire and dreaming of some cams and then i came across this thread and you had the link up again.lol
  2. :rlaugh:

    They are just a phone call and $600 away :D . About what ill be spending tomorrow for alot of stainless steel pipe...freegin cant get the headers to seal, and now I have to spend another $600 to rebuild them with T-304 SS :nonono: . Man im almost ready to give up....im pretty darn depressed :(. Once they are finished its a matter of bolting everything back togethor.
    Heck, im going for 500RWHP I think....I desirve some power for all of this trouble.
  3. maybe i should video 0 - 160mph. i am trying to talk a buddy into riding with me at 160. he's scared.
  4. That's not really redlining with those cams. I shifted mine at 6300rpm with the VT Stage 2's
  5. :lol: :lol:... Man, that video made me sick!.. All that moving around, I felt like I was getting sea-sick! :rlaugh: :rlaugh:


    I wish somebody would video tape my speedometer.. oh wait, they did! :D
  6. yea thats 600 i dont have lol but im still debating on whether or not to get a supercharger and then the following summer get the stage 2 blower cams with mph 2.5 heads. Or just stay NA and get stage 2 cams with the mph 2.5 heads. Either way im going for some power.:nice:

    oh and then ive got another dilemma too im thinking about buying another bike cause i found an 04 cbr600rr for 1800 cause it was a stunt bike and im looking for a track bike so im not worried about it being banged up cause ill do that plenty when i get it oin the track.:D
  7. I would be scared at 160mph in a SN95 mustang. These cars don't have the aero to stay planted at high speeds, not to mention the suspension. Live axle isn't exactly the best for hitting dips, potholes, cracks or any other imperfections; not to mention at extreme speeds (for these cars that is atleast).
  8. i learned my lesson the hard way with those high speed runs...live axle bump 135 = skipping 2 lanes and 4.10s went in the next day

    the video posted had a driver and 2 passangers also
  9. I didn't see a list of mods?
  10. i've had my car to 150mph and it felt good! of course i did this late at night with nobody around and of course it was on a closed course, but it felt really stable.
  11. :lol: holy crap. When you can outrun your speedometer, you know you have a quick car! Now try to outrun your shadow, let me know how it goes :nice: lol
  12. get on the car hard and let off. I got off the car at 105 and it kept on going up to little past 110
  13. On a stock block Cody? .....On that note, i call dibs on the turbo setup when it all blows apart :D
  14. you seem to be forgetting that I have the NPI engine mod, similar to a Valet tune that you can load using your X-cal. Makes your car slow as all hell :nice:
  15. Considering the mods it doesn't seem slow to me, at all. I guess a lot of ppl are used to boost now.

    Myself I love stock gears, always have. I wouldn't say I've lost any races due to it either. I just can't pass up the highway cruise rpm of 5th gear, and the speed out of 4th. I love draggin' no doubt, but I like balance and want a very high top speed along with acceleration, so for me, that = stock gears until I can get a nice tranz, which will come with the 4V and Boost next summer, man I can't wait, gonna be a long winter. Anyways I wont be 4.6 anymore, but I'll still spend my stangnet time in this forum. :D

    Although I know with shorter gears a stock or close to stock GT will likely actually have a better top speed, being able to take 5th higher without being winded, but...I'm stubborn, just love the stock gears and speeds.

  16. the car is plenty stable in low wind. i ran it to 150+ chasing a bike and it got worrisome when wind from semi's made it shake a little. the front end felt like it got light.
  17. :D Shhh dont tell anyone :nice: . Its still up in the air, but it comes down to how easily the car makes power....if it will make 500 with a safe tune, then ill do it :flag: . I was wondering if anyone would catch that statement...I was just a bit mad at that point and I wasnt going to say anything haha. But im still not 100% what im going to do yet...nice catch :D
  18. I thought the stock internals were only good up to 450rwhp? I know the tune is really important, but i think going over 425-430 is just asking for a blown block...Unless thats what you want so then you can get a forged one to replace it :SNSign:
  19. :shrug: i'm lost