0-110 mph acceleration in a blown 2v

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  1. I've beaten a lot of KB cobras at the dragstrip. They usually trap 1-2 mph though.
  2. Out here in Cali, the terminator owners that I have came across seem like they look down on every other Mustang like its not worthy. They act like Vette or porsche owners. There car might be faster, or more high tech, but its still just a Ford Fairmont underneath. Beleive me, I love cobras, but I would much rather have my Mach, even though the Cobra is the superior car in stock trim. The Mach one might not be as fast, but its a special car, & I will never get rid of it. Once I get it Blown, Im gonna be out lookin for terminators.
  3. ^ did you just quote yourself? :scratch: :rlaugh: that will make you go blind my friend...

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  4. OOPS!!!! LOL!!!!! thats what I meant to quote