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  1. I would like to get my car into the 13s this coming spring, but im short on cash. I could use some good suggestions on dropping 0.28 seconds (at least, more would be nice) without breaking the bank. I'll probably have $250-300 to spend. I'm in the market for an o/r x-pipe but i think i'm gonna need more than that. Oh and i want to stay with the stock 3.27s right now so no gears.
  2. .28 seconds is a lot. Not going to take that off with $300 unless you find a used spray system. Either that or gears and lots of practice - which you wont do. I don't think its gunna happen.
  3. 250-300 dollars isnt much to work with to drop that low. I would say an easy way to do this cheap is just start unbolting unnecessary parts from the car. remove passenger seat, rear seat, spare tire, AC and stuff like that. drop about 200lbs and then work on a better launch and you got it. 300 dollars worth of performance parts are not going to do it. unless you find a cheap used nitrous system then it can be done.

    i spent like 1000 dollars in boltons just dropping my car about .3 seconds lol. basically the cheapest way to drop time is nitrous. actually quite a bit more than 1000 dollars because my exhaust stuff alone was about a grand. lol going fast is not cheap.
  4. Nitrous. You can find a basic dry kit for maybe a little over 300 bucks. Other than that i would shed as much weight as i could, and unbolt the front sway bar and practice. Gears would be a good idea
  5. Yeah i didnt think it was gonna be posible with that little cash. I was hoping to maybe get lucky and beat my brother to the 13s. He's got a 02 gt with a Mac cold air kit, Mac o/r h-pipe, Mangaflow xhuast(mangapac mufflers), 3.73s and Nitto drs.
    But his best time is a 1.98 60' and 14.03 @ 98.36mph so im not too far off
  6. Sounds like he needs some practice too
  7. you're lucky to get 14.27 with your mods on your car.

    lol "mangapac"
  8. you might be able to find some PI cams cheap.
  9. yeah, thats not a bad time with your mods,

    i had

    pi intake
    pi cams
    steeda t/a
    o/r h pipe
    mac cat back
    pro 5.0 short shifter

    and the best i could do was a 14.1 @95.xx w/ 2.0 60'

    my best mph was 97.6x
  10. Gone In .28 Seconds.
  11. I was surpised as hell when i turned the 14.27. My brother really needs some practice the 14.03 was his best but he's really inconsistent. He's not adding any mods this winter so i was hoping i could get an edge.
  12. bro i bought a wet kit able to spray 150 for $180 with everything on craiglist, so spray and buy some used radials and put them on some V6 rims. spay a 150 shot and youll be 13.0 or high 12's. remember do mods that will give you power not usless ones like x-pipe or cold air intake.
  13. I thought that the o/r x-pipe would gain power over the stock h-pipe and six cats that are on the car now
  14. Shed about 300 pounds of weight. Remove the passenger seat, the rear seat and seatbacks, strip out the spare tire and jack and take a huge crap before you race
  15. It WILL. You'll notice more HP in the upper rpms, and you MAY losed 1-2 tq in the lower range, but not enough to matter.:nice:
  16. dont gut your car out man!!! how the hell you going to take your girl out if you do that. the hole point is to have a quick car with drivability, and the after market x pipe will help but you wont notice the diffrence at all
  17. Can't gut the car. My wife would KILL me.
  18. Yea i wouldn't either. Just invest in some nice lightweight suspension
  19. I didn't mean permanently gut it.

    You know you are going to race, take the stuff out and go race. When you are done, put it back
  20. easy, offroad mid pipe, pullies and timing adjuster. It's worth 3 tenths. Should be about 300-400 bucks. Also, take that 78mm tb and plenum off and use the stock one.

    you don't have to gut the car, it takes 20 minutes to remove the seats, spare. It takes 20 minutes to put it back in.