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  1. There are some small tricks you can do to improve your times, but they will only be worth maybe a tenth... Air up the front tires to the maximum printed on the sidewall. This reduces rolling resistance, but only air up the front tires. Take the spare tire and junk out of the trunk.
    With only an offroad H pipe, I managed the time in my signature. I shift at 5k on the dot and power shift every gear. My best 60' was a little slower at 2.1-something.
    You can get an offroad pipe and timing adjuster for about your budget, but may have to build your MIL eliminators to get the check engine light to turn off (do a search). These two mods, the tricks above and some good driving should get you a 13 first. ;)
  2. Bingo. As far as the throttle body, he has one of the new BBK setups wich are a 1 piece TB/plenum so they can't be seperated.

    Although for that price, unless the pullies are used, they will be piggybacks and some people are on the fence about their reliability.

    If you want the EASIEST way, a set of drag radials alone could probaly get you there. But you would REALLY, and I mean REALLLLLY have to drive the car to get the full advantage of them. If you don't want to beat on it too bad, then stick with the above suggestions from Winters, and if you cant afford all three on that list, skip the underdrive pullies...:nice:
  3. The way I see it, you've got basically two options. First of all, very good driving (nice 60') with the mods so far . For that kind of budget, I would go with PIcams and a T/A combo for added timing. Those two together might get you ~20rwhp and some torque improvements as well. O/R x alone, might get you 10-15rwhp and you will lose some weight along with that. Some cool spring air, and you might get it.