0-60 in ONE second...and street legal....

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by supastang03, May 25, 2007.

  1. Damn dude.. that would be nice to drive around here, SIKE you would get a ticket every day you drove it, cuz i know i have a pretty good lead foot lol.. but i dont have 2000hp either hahaha
  2. I wouldn't really call that street legal. It's street driven, but i'm sure there are a number of things you could fail it for in a vehicle inspection.

    Right off the bat, the hood would fail inspection here in MA.
  3. Thats deffinately NOT a practical streetcar by any means. It should be on the track only. Just because its driveable on the street doesnt make it a street car.
  4. Agreed. This is a drag car with license plates and working headlights.
  5. this guy does his shopping in that car! (have met him before)
    he goes to tesco ( our walmart) and hangs his bags off of the roll cag
    he picks his kid up from school
    and it runs on streetgas
    it has an MOT

    How is this car not street legal?

    also i think!! ( i may be wrong) but he took this over to the states and beat the closest car by a whole second!

    thats quick and it was done in britian :D

  6. That's badass. No one's arguing if it's a street car or not, which it is by the way, a very impractical street car, but street legal? Where he's from, yes. It's just fact.

    Oh, and I hope that guy with the TT GT supercar doesn't find out about his car being the fastest street car in the world... we may have an epic battle on our hands.
  7. Haha yea that would be interesting.
  8. it's a 1973 so it's smog exempt which makes it street legal.
  9. I also think the gas over there is of a higher octain rating. So not sure if its really fair, because we dont have that stuff over here...so obviously we cant make as much "pump gas" power.
    Im all for pump gas only in my cars, but in the case of the fastest street legal car in the world it doesnt HAVE to run pump gas IMO...C16 or something everyone CAN get some way or another....or no, acetone baby. 150 octain :nice: .

    Imagine the timing and boost lvs you could run :D Hellow 60PSI and 30*s of timing HAHAHA!
  10. Although pump fuel over here in the UK has higher octane rating than US the way they measurement is made is different. Therefore 99 octane UK pump fuel is equivalent to 94 octane US. I did some research into this before ordering my s/c kit and xcal2 tune.
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