0-60 times?

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  1. it says my GT will do 0-60 in 3.75 seconds. in reality it's closer to 4.5.
  2. Again, the equation assumes are you are accelerating linearly. I'm just guessing you aren't able to launch your 400+rwhp at peak power rpm on nittos. :rlaugh: The equation only works when you are running the best ET possible for your mph, meaning you have more than enough traction everywhere.


  3. Is accelerating linearly the same as constant acceleration? The reason 60 foot times are so important is that you are normally accelerate at your highest g forces during this part of the run.
  4. I had a full bolt on 02' auto GT (minus ported heads) and a 3200 stall/DR's that could do a 4.9, 0-60. My current mach has done it in 4.6xxx and 0-100 in 10.5 seconds and I weigh 320lbs. Both cars were full weight with a custom stereo as well. Torque converters/DR's ftw!!! Stock, my 02' did it in 6.0 seconds.