0-60+ video of my mustang

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  1. I finally sorted out some of the issues with the LX mustang and took a 0-60+ video: P1080375.mp4 video by bhuff66062 - Photobucket

    It isn't a 4.6, but if you double the displacement, it is. ;) The car is getting to the point again where traction is becoming a problem. That run, you can see it was slipping the tires a bit from 25-40mph by the way the speedometer flew past those speeds, then held 40mph for a moment. Not a lot of tire spin, but just a little slipping. If you listen carefully, you can hear it bark the nittos on the launch, then squacking them from 30-40mph. It is pretty faint though.

    The combination is pretty simple: Stock 2.3T short block, E85, 19psi boost, a little bit of spray, C4 transmission and some light head work. As you can see, it doesn't exactly like to rev, it just makes a bunch of torque.

    So when is someone going to make a simple high boost/E85 2V 4.6 combination? With a turbo and a built bottom end, it would be easy to make stupid horsepower without spending a lot of other money. Think about it, stock cams, stock heads, stock intake and 600-700hp just because you are pushing 20+psi into the engine. :D

    As for the location: If you believe it to be real, it happen at the track. If not, it was obviously on a dyno.
  2. wow, that's impressive man. I would love to be the guinea pig for your 4.6 2V turbo ideas. I'll PM you my address where you can mail all the components. Once installed, I'll post videos of my results :D