0-60 with x-cal2

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  1. hy my dad has been thinking about the x-cal to firm up the shifts, get rid of all the throttle lag and get a faster 0-60 we got 255' tires a K&N air filter and JBA ignition wires what should our 0-60 mph be with the x-cal2?
    thanks- michael
  2. I would think it would shave a good .3 to .5 off your 0-60... I'm not 100% sure...

    Have you actually tried doing a burnout? I'm guessing if you did you weren't able to... The X-cal2 will fix that right up... LOL!

    If your dad want's firm shifts have him give Lidio at Alternative Auto a call (www.alternativeauto.com) and tell him to set the shifts to "Barbaric" You will be chirping the tires on the 1 - 2 and 2 - 3 shifts! The X-Cal2 will make a night and day difference!!!
  3. thanks scrming.

    anyone else have a guess?
  4. hellow?... theres otta be someone out there that could give me a educated guess
  5. Depends on a lot of factors, but his guess is pretty good. Why dont you spend $30 on a gtech and just do it that way. Do a before and after, only way to tell for sure. And do lots of runs.
  6. yeah i got a g-tech. from my friends dad down the street from me who owns a 2005 cadillac cts -v that he supercharged got new headers ,heads and exhaust and a superchip tuner, 650+ horsepower( it hauls some major a$$ ) :eek: :hail2: well our best run is 6.8 (thats with me in the car (100 lbs) a 50 pound toolset and his 200 pound body. and a bunch :Total-CP: in the trunk
  7. 6.8 with the tune? or jsut the tires and filter?