Mach 1 '0 and '04 owners, how many miles per gallon does your Mach 1 get?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Reimann, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. With about an even mix of highway and city driving mine is getting 17.8. I just thought that seemed a bit low. The only mod the car has (that I know of) is a K&N Air Charger intake. I'm wondering if I put the stock intake back in if it would do any better. It only has 3,000 some miles on it. Maybe it will due better when it gets more broke in. And yes, I know this is a sports/muscle/pony car and not an econo box :D
  2. Pretty much as much as my '02 GT, around 16 mpg, but mostly driving in heavy stop and go traffic getting on it all the time going to and from work.
  3. I'm ALWAYS on 'E'. :rlaugh:
  4. I don't know but it can't be good
  5. Didn't buy it for it's gas mileage.
  6. dunno i never check.
  7. Afraid to check the mileage :D I sure enjoy getting up to speed on a interstate ramp only to find Im faster than the traffic when I merge. WOOHOO!!!! What a ride.
  8. I've filled up and checked every tank in the 11,000+ miles I have put on my Mach1. I made a spread sheet that calculates the milage and gives me the total gallons I used and how much I've spent, plus it calculates the overall average MPG which is 18.41.
  9. ha me 2, but I don't keep track of how much I've spent that scares me :p
  10. As I said in my first post I know these are sports/muscle/pony cars and not econo boxes. Low gas milage might be a sign of a bigger problem.

    Thanks! It's good to see what someone else is getting. I am hopefull mine will go up when it gets a little more broken in.
  11. I get about 11 in the city. I know; I need a tune bad.
  12. 11? :eek: Damn!
  13. Well, to be a little more helpful, I know that I got about 27mpg on my trip to Nashville last year. That was alot of interstate driving with the car in 5th gear and cruise set at 65. Locally, I'm in the gas station all the time, but that's because I have this bad twitch in my right foot that keeps the accelerator plastered to the floor for long intervals!
  14. I get a solid 25 MPG on the highway 70-75 MPH. Checking city mileage is pointless.
  15. I got around 25 or so when i first got my car in Ohio and brought it back to Texas. Had 2000 miles on it to start...........the only trip my car has seen since then is my recent trip to San Antonio. So it's mostly been city driving for me. I can usually go between 225-250 miles on a tank in the city. So I guess thats about 15-16 MPG. Not too bad I guess. I usually keep the revs under 3 grand, but there's at least one time a day that I gotta just open it up. What would be the point of having this car if you're not gonna use it for it was made for?
  16. I don't drive the auto enough to even guess but the 03 5 speed is getting about 23 mpg almost all highway. If I could keep my D** foot out of it I'm sure it"d be better! Of course all the highway stuff is 70-85mph. :D
  17. With a procharger and 42lb'ers. I saw 25 on the highway w/ the cruise set at 86. As far as around town goes I can literally watch the needle go down if I go into boost :D
  18. I just got gas and 170.2 miles (2/3rd of were on an interstate) drank up 9.072 gallons. Each gallon got 18.76 miles. I think I am going to ask the dealership about this when I take it in for its next oil change.
  19. I took mine on the Hot Rod Power Tour this year. Drove from IL. to Wisconsin, then did the long haul from Wisconsin to Florida, then back home to IL. Kept track of the mileage, and averaged between 23 and 24 miles to the gallon for the whole trip. I was very happy with that! I'm not usually one to check gas mileage, but on the trip I figured what the hell. :nice:
  20. The BEST I ever got out of a tank is 325.4, so about 20.7 to the gallon. That was on a trip to Houston to get a 03 Cobra bumper. Needless to say I wasn't drivin the speed limit. When I get a chance I typically have my foot in the oil pan on my MACh1. I beat around town and to and from work in a little 95 Escort. That is my econobox, can't beat the lil 1.9L with a K&N and some synthetic auto tranny fluid.

    :D :D