Mach 1 '0 and '04 owners, how many miles per gallon does your Mach 1 get?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Reimann, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. I'll get 27.5 mpg going 75 or 80 and 278 miles on tank gas. :)
  2. just got home from a trip to FLA and got around 22 MPG during the 550 mile trip home.
  3. Uh, 278 miles for a tank of gas in a Mustang equals 17.7 MPG.
  4. Uh, I suspect he didn't actually mean using the entire 15.7 gallon capacity of the tank when he posted "....and 278 miles on a tank of gas". Would have to know how many gallons was used, but 27.5 running 75-80 mph is just a "little" on the optimistic side.
  5. Uh, he posted "278 miles on a tank of gas," did he not?
  6. Did to if have it on Curise control :p :puke:
  7. Uh, he posted "278 miles on a tank of gas," did he not?

    Uh, here in the real world a tank of gas is whatever amount I use between fill-ups.

    Uh, here's a guaranteed way to increase gas mileage by 15.5% - put 4.10 gears in a '03-'04 Mach 1.
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  19. I've never checked my mileage, but I can go one week on a tank. I fill up on Tuesdays when 7-11 prices max-grade at mid-grade price. I really don't care what my gas mileage is, as long as it goes fast :D

    I do think I'm in need of a slight tune adjustment. Been thinking about a Predator :shrug:

    I run synthetic now, with K&N, and Octane92 is the best I can get around here. I'm hoping that there is a Diablo download for that; otherwise, a Predator is not going to be worth the $. :shrug: