Mach 1 '0 and '04 owners, how many miles per gallon does your Mach 1 get?

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  1. I would think the Diablo tune would be great with what you have, they recommend using Amoco, Sunoco or Mobil gas, so if you have access to one of those then you should be good to go. :nice:
  2. The Predator tune should work down to 91 octane without requiring much adjustment. As a rule I use Chevron 93 octane and Predator tunes have always performed well in my case.
  3. There's no guarantee that gasoline purchased at a particular station is that brand or even produced to any specific standard; i.e. not much difference in gasoline from 7-11 and gasoline from Amoco/Sunoco/Texaco/Citgo/Phillips/Conoco/Chevron.
  4. Thx on the props for the Predator, It seems like a wise investment.

    Thanks a lot though, I was trying not to catch the mod bug with this Mustang. You know what happens when you start..... :drool:

    But you know once you have the Predator, you can tune mods yourself. OK, I've said it. I've admitted I have a problem. Now where is that Predator website? :D
  5. Don't shoot the messenger fella', just relaying what the instructions for the Predator says.
    If what you say has strength, then why is Amoco "clearly" the difference and the others have a brown tint, if all came from the same place like you say I guess they add food coloring when dropping it in the tanks :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  6. That's just not true. I'm glad you're easily sucked in by slick ad campaigns though. Now I know where to invest my 401K.
  7. You still didn't explain why the different colors of fuel if they are all the same?? Come on man, I know you can do it . . . . by the way I have been a dealer for racing fuel and there are differences in specific gravity, octane, etc., etc., and from reading your posts I can tell you know more than anyone on here so please tell me why the differences in Phillips vs Union 76 vs Sunoco racing unleaded and I still want to know from you why Amoco non-racing gas is clear and the others are colored but they come from the same place as YOU say?? :shrug:
  8. I do not use racing fuel, therefore I am not discussing it.

    If there is a REAL difference in identical grades of pump gas -- and there's not -- then I'd say you have grounds for a claim with the state authorities that who regulate that since they're all supposed to be produced to the same standards. Colors may well be caused by the storage tanks, pumps, or hoses. As a racing fuel dealer, I'm sure you knew all of this.

    I'm happy to know you're a racing fuels salesman. You don't know how THRILLED I am. I'm sure you were probably selling oil changes at Wal Mart last week, hence your very high level of sophistication.

    Maybe you should spend a little time at a refinery someday.
  9. I didn't say you used racing fuel and don't care, if you could understand what you read, you would have seen it as a subject pertaining to fuels not what is used on the street. If you would have read on, there was a statement just for you about non-racing gas. From the way you rampaged on about me and racing fuel you sound as though you have a problem (jealousy?) with people who may have done something with their life besides go on forums and bully everyone who posts about a subject that you don't know crap about, . . . what's up with you anyway??? :shrug:

    I do have a claim as I have used the "clear" gas for years and when I did it was clear, not colored by whatever references you made for coloring. :rlaugh: Although most gasoline is refined to some point as equal, when it does find its way to different refineries for individual distribution to the big brand name suppliers, there are differences between the gasolines at station X versus the gasoline at station Y. Mainly with the amounts of additives that those companies add to the gasoline before it gets to their pumps.

    Some refineries distribute to different brand dealers, but there is no broad blanket of all gas is the same as in your statement. Without getting into naming different brands for comparison, it is known that the different brands do outnumber the refineries but still brands do differ from one group to the other. Even the 7-eleven you mentioned has a top name brand supplier for its supply of gas and is currently investigating blending their own personal brew to meet what they consider their own high quality demands. If all gasoline was the same then why bother, huh?

    Some fuels are stored in different types and sizes, as well as locations, of tanks, therefore the effects of that can change the consistency and purity of given fuels as well as the moisture content. Therefore, that alone can make for the differences of gasoline.

    Gasoline is formulated as to its optimum antiknock qualities, oxidation stability, etc. for specific climates and geographic areas throughout our country, which again blows your theory of all gasoline is the same. Not all manufactures see eye to eye on what is needed for all the different locations they distribute.

    You do understand that sulfur, lead and benzene content differs in requirements of different manufacturers of gasoline as well as copper corrosion, oxidation stability, distillation and other pertinent specifications that is met by them?

    From my experience with Diablo Sport, I do believe they have done the research necessary to recommend the gasoline types to use with their products before they printed it. This assures them that their customers are getting the most possible performance out of the product they are selling to them. It is highly unlikely they would receive any royalties for their doing so, being they are not a big enough factor of demographics to effect the petroleum industries billion dollar business.

    As for you and your comments towards my knowledge and what I do for a living, you haven't a clue, so keep your speculation to yourself and learn to read and comprehend what you read before making posts on forums that you have no reason to be posting on besides trying to make yourself seem bigger in your own eyes. :notnice:
  10. An easier reply in German:

    Rufen Sie nur ihn, was er ist. ....a DOUCHEBAG, der ungefähr ebenso fähig ist schikanierend von irgendjemanden als ein nasser Stablappen.

  11. Hmm.... that doesn't seem to make sense. Increase gas mileage by putting in a higher gear ratio? :scratch: ..... explain
  12. That was a joke put in there for the benefit of the TOOL

    Compared to stock rear gears, without a speedometer/odometer correction by means of a flash tuner or SpeedCal, 4.10s will make your odometer read 15% more mileage than your actual instant, apparent mileage increase by playing with numbers.
  13. I kinda figured it was a joke..... but I wasn't sure if you were or not, haha..... just checkin....
  14. Bad as it was you have to admit it was original.
  15. Definitely original..... never heard or read about anyone saying that they actually got better gas mileage from higher gears....... damn, if that was only true, or say if the gas mileage just stayed the same :cheers:
  16. this has nothing to do with machs...but i hammer my GT and get combined somewhere between 23-26mpg
  17. Using it the way a Mustang should be used....good man
  18. What a dunce.......

    Perhaps you suffer from some sort of learning disability or mental defect. Or maybe you just can't read, but what is difficult to understand about this:

    There's no guarantee that gasoline purchased at a particular station is that brand or even produced to any specific standard; i.e. not much difference in gasoline from 7-11 and gasoline from Amoco/Sunoco/Texaco/Citgo/Phillips/Conoco/Chevron.

    Huh? What's so difficult to understand? I realize you may well have trouble articulating a proper answer, but please try.

    If you HONESTLY believe that one brand of gasoline is better than another, then you're much dumber than I originally thought (and that's pretty DUMB). You do understand that each manufacturer/refiner has to meet federal and state standards for gasoline, don't you?

    I have no need to make myself "bigger" in anyone's eyes, though I can assure you I am MUCH larger than life. As long as you understand that, you'll be fine. :owned:
  19. You can't call 'OWNED' on your own post :rolleyes: ..... just doesn't work too well :nonono:
  20. Making personal attacks at someone on the internet doesn't help your getting anyone to listen to what you have to say . . . . :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: