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  1. Are we going to see ford offer 0% for 60 or 72 months like last year. I recall they did it around Sept 1st last year. Do you think we will see this incentive drop this weekend, or are inventory and sales better this year? I am looking to get a new mustang, but I don't want to jump the gun on an 07, and miss a great deal. Any thoughts?
  2. They have 0% for qualified buyers on 07 Mustangs right now.
  3. Ummm the 0%/cash back offers are usually seen in September for current model years. I would not venture to guess what sales and economical factors may impact potential offerings, so it all depends on what you want.

    Ford is offering a 0% or $1,500 cash back program in my area. I would recommend going to a local dealer or the website and checking on potential savings in the upcoming 08 release year if you are that incline on having a current model year.

    Good luck. Either way. Great car for the $. :nice:
  4. If you want an 07 GT with the current incentives, you'd better hurry or you won't have anything from which to choose. There are only 19 coupes and 7 verts left anywhere within a few hours drive of my area as of two weeks ago. May seem like a lot, but I'm in a major metropolitan area - DC.

    After I bought my, the dealer also said they were having trouble keeping the 2008s on the lot, so if things are like this everywhere in the country, I wouldn't imagine seeing incentives on the GTs for a least a few months. Although, since I just bought my 08, chances are they will come out with a big incentive tomorrow.
  5. They are only offering 0% for 36 months in my area. Which in my situation is about a 700 dollar car payment. I guess time will tell.
  6. 36 months here and stock is really low. That's why I bought two months ago and got all the incentives. It still took several days to find what I wanted. Good luck.
  7. I actually signed some papers today for a white 07 GT 5 speed. I will be picking it up tomorrow. they actually didnt have any 07s on the lot at all when i went. They called an other dealer and got me the one i wanted. 0% interest is a great thing.
  8. Congrats on the new car. How many months for the 0%.