Expired 00/03 Cobra Clone Fully Built Street/track Monster Kenne Bell

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  1. For Sale is my 1999 Mustang GT/2003 Cobra Clone Street/Road Race Track Car. I have had this car for about Eight years now. This car is a culmination of many efforts and changes in build type over the years. I used to work for a reputable Mustang performance shop here in Georgia, Modular Powerhouse.
    This actual Car and VIN reflect a 1999 Mustang V6. I purchased the actual Car back in 2005, it was originally a 1999 V6 LX Mustang. I purchased the car to only use the shell, as I wanted to build the car from the ground up. The Car was originally Black in color.

    First the car was stripped entirely down to the bare shell for a complete color change re-paint. At the time of the repaint, I added all of the 2003 Cobra parts (all purchased NEW from Ford, these are original Ford parts). I added the Cobra front and rear bumpers, side skirts, side mirrors, side scoops. At that time I also put in a new windshield. This was a complete color change, no expense spared. You cannot see black anywhere on the car. The Color is called Tangelo Orange, and it has Pearl in the paint, so it reflects the sunlight.
    Since the original build and color change, I have since made more changes to the exterior including the Tiger Racing Functional Lift off Heat Extractor Hood, the Cervinis Cobra R Bumper and the APR Carbon Fiber rear Wing. To add these items to the car, I had the hood and bumper painted of course, and they blended into the fenders to make sure everything matched well. This change was completed just last Spring 2013. Rather than repainting the rear deck lid for the new wing, I simply covered the original wing holes with some carbon fiber wrap.

    The most recent build of this car, was for Road Course Track Day Racing. My intent was to build the best possible Road Course Track Car but still have it be a full street car, with Air conditioning, Full Interior and Stereo. This is a true Street/Track Car. It has all of the things you must have for a street car yet is an animal on the track. This makes it easier to drive the car to and from different shops or events ect being that it is fully insured and registered.
    Now down to the nuts and bolts. The entire running gear and electronics system is originated from a 1997 Mustang GT. The entire electrical system, fuel system and engine came from a donor 1997 Mustang GT. This means the car has a computer from a 1997 GT, fuel system and has a 2V engine.
    The engine is built for a power adder. The Heads are the original Bad Boys, the Ford Racing SVO heads, which are impossible to find these days. They are the first Aftermarket heads that were available and still one of the best flowing on the market. The engine was machined by Grimes Twister engines here in Georgia, and the heads got a valve job by the legend himself Gary Grimes. I also added a custom Comp Cams configuration specifically spec’d by Tim Barth from MPH for those heads. Due to the fact that Kenne Bell only makes the 2.6L Supercharger for the 99-04 PI Heads, and my engine had the tear drop shaped heads, I installed a set of the PI to Non-PI Intake adapter plates to have the blower bolt on correctly. The rest went together with ease.

    The Fuel system has the Veyron Walbro pump, with an upgraded -8 Fuel line, with Aeromotive fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator and fittings. The stock feed line was used as the return line.

    The PCM was tuned by Jeff Harris formerly of Pro-Speed Performance, now Mo’s Speed Shop here in GA with an SCT flip chip. The Car makes 530 RWHP 460 RWTQ on about 15 psi. This is a lower tune, and the car could make a lot more just by turning up the boost. The Engine is fitted with the KB lower crank pulley that is ready to accept a larger crank pulley for more boost if needed. I did not need more power than 530 as this is a track car and the extra power is not needed.

    I added a stock 6-Speed Transmission from a 03 Cobra, as well as an IRS from a 03 Cobra. The rear end is upgraded with all MM parts and a Torsien Diff. The Side Braces were also added. The axles are DSS Level 2 axles, which just got a full rebuild from DSS two months ago.

    The entire suspension on this car is from Maximum Motorsports. I got with the engineer for MM and we put together this setup for the track. This is a full track suspension. The entire front and rear suspension is all MM.
    I also replaced almost every mechanical part on this car for this most recent build. Nothing remains from the 1997 car other than the block, electronics and a few hard parts. Almost the entire rest of the car is new. I also recently replaced all the timing chain guides, chains, and tensioners. The spark plug wires are MSD and they are a month old, along with fresh plugs.
    In the interior, I had these custom Leather and Suede seats done by Classic Soft Trim, who was the authorized dealer that offered the FR500 Seats. These are complete new covers front and rear with the added side bolsters and custom embroidery. I also added the FR500 Leather Steering Wheel. All of the Billet parts in the interior are from UPR. The head unit is a Kenwood top of the line with the Garmin Navigation/Bluetooth/iPod Control. I have Polk Audi Speakers all the way around powered by Alpine Amps with a Coustic 12” Subwoofer. The roll cage is a 4 point bolt in cage powder coated black from MM. There is a Schroth 6-point harness for the driver. I have an Aeroforce Interceptor Gauge that shows all the OBD data and I also added the optional Oil Pressure and Oil temperature sensors as well. Also, the entire floor, trunk, rear tray, doors and firewall are all covered in Dynamat.

    For the Aerodynamics of the car, the rear wing was added and the front bumper with the Cobra R lip was added. Once we fitted the bumper, my fabricator over at TopSpeed Performance here in GA fabricated a full triangulated aluminum support system for the bumper and installed a “belly pan” that covers the entire underside of the front splitter. The splitter is strong and functional for downforce on the front. A towhook was also added. With that addition I also completely boxed in the radiator and heat exchanger to direct air straight through the heat exchanger and radiator for optimal cooling on the track. These are the thing metal pieces you can see on the front bumper next to the heat exchanger. This made a radical difference in the cooling ability of the car. With that I added the Tiger Racing hood, which actually extracts all of the air from the engine bay thus creating a low pressure zone under the engine bay for better front grip/aerodynamics. The system works very very well. The hood is a lift off race version, and is held on by Catch Pins that simply open with a touch. There is also a large hole in the center of the front bumper that is covered by a license plate. This is there to use on those hot days at the track to allow for a large volume of air to enter the front bumper. When you don’t need the extra sir, simply put the plate back on, as if the hole is not even there.

    The car performs extremely well on and off the track and is a total blast to drive. The sound of the Kenne Bell is unmatched and the thrill of instant boost is epic. This car grips like no other. I never have traction problems. The cams also give it that nice lope while at idle. I have had the car on track multiple times and just love it. Not only is this car a performer, but it is the best looking Cobra anywhere you go. Everyone always comments on how nice the car is. It certainly does not look like a 1999, nor even a 2003. The paint is wonderful and the interior is tip top. I will also be including another set of Black Saleen replica wheels with Nitto Invo Street Tires so you can switch from street to track and back with no hassle. The car is an animal and needs nothing. Pick it and drive away to the local cruise in or straight to the race track!

    Unfortunately things have changed and I have to let this beauty go. It breaks my heart but I must move on. I am sure that I am missing many many things which I will be happy to go over when you come for a test drive. I also have an entire file two inches thick of receipts and paperwork to go with the car. I have the clear title in hand. I am located north of Atlanta, GA, in Alpharetta, GA. I will show the car locally or I can arrange to have the car shipped anywhere in the US. If it does ship, it will have to ship enclosed due to the lower front lip of the car. I also have the original Steeda Cowl Hood and the 03 Cobra front bumper cover that will go with the car if you want them. This way you can switch back to full street mode if you want a hinged hood. I have a small collection of other parts that will be sent off with the car as spares. I have listed the completed mod list below, however I am sure I missed a few things.

    I have included some pictures of what the car looked like at different stages of its life. The pictures show the Steeda Hood and 03 Cobra Bumper and Saleen wheels as well.

    With all of the parts in this car and the labor to build it, I have at least $100,000 invested in this car. It has been a fun journey for me over the years, and an expensive one, but I must let her go.

    This would be a great opportunity for someone to get into this level of a car for a FRACTION of the money I have invested.

    I am going to ask $30,000 for the car including all of the spare parts, body components, wheels and tires ect. I will humor offers, and I will also humor trades.

    Please only contact me if you are serious and have cash to purchase. Please do not send me wasteful emails. If you want to talk about the car, give me a call. Thank you for looking.

    [email protected] or 678-362-5685


    .020 Overbore Built Engine
    Diamond 11cc Dish Pistons
    Manley Rods
    Stock GT Crankshaft
    Ford Racing SVO Heads w/ 5 Angle Valve Job
    Canton High Capcity Oil Pan
    ARP Head and Main Studs
    Accufab Large Bore Single Blade Throttle Body
    Comp Cams Camshafts
    Comp Cams Beehive Springs
    High Flow Oil Pump with Billet Oil Gears
    Kenne Bell Flat Machiened Harmonic Balancer
    Lightning 90mm MAF
    Fluidyne Radiator
    Castrol TWS 10w60 Motor Oil
    New Battery
    New Factory Replacement Starter
    New Timing Chain Guides, Flapper Arms, Tensioners
    New Alternator
    Canton Oil Cooler with Stainless Braided Oil Lines
    Canton Remote Oil Filter Kit
    New Power Steering Pump
    New Oil Pressure Switch
    SCT Chip
    New Water Pump
    Cobra Increased Airflow A/C Condensor
    New A/C Accumulator/Drier
    Billet Timing Gear
    New Coolant Hoses
    New Coolant Tank
    JLT High Boost Cold Air Intake

    Ignition System:

    MSD Coils
    MSD Spark Plug Wires
    NGK BR7FE Plugs

    Power Adder:

    Kenne Bell 2.6L Twin Screw Supercharger 15 PSI
    Canton Aluminum Heat Exchanger Tank
    PI to NPI Aluminum Adapter Plates
    Upgraded Aluminum Heat Exchanger 26"x7"x3.5"

    Fuel System:

    Veyron High flow in tank pump
    60lb/hr Fuel Injectors
    Areomotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
    MMR Billet Fuel Rails for KB Supercharger
    Upgraded -8 Fuel Feed Line, Aeromotice Fuel Filter, Pressure Gauge and Fittings


    BBK Long Tube Headers
    VRS X-Pipe (no cats)
    Magnaflow Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust
    New Bosch O2 Sensors


    Maximum Motorsports K-Member
    Maximum Motorsports A-Arms with Derlin Bushings
    Maximum Motorsports Race MM3 Struts
    Maximum Motorsports Race MM3 Shocks
    Maximum Motorsports Front Swaybar Bushings
    Maximum Motorsports Steering Shaft
    Maximum Motorsports Front Coil Over Kit with 500lb Hyperco Springs
    Maximum Motorsports Rear Coil Over Kit with 700lb Hyperco Springs
    Maximum Motorsports Bumpsteer Kit
    Maximum Motorsports Cross Axis Kit
    Maximum Motorsports Subframe Bushings
    Maximum Motorsports Aluminum Adjustable Differential Mount
    Maximum Motorsports Rear Tire Rod and Bumpsteer Kit
    Maximum Motorsports Rear Swaybar Endlink Kit
    Maximum Motorsports Rear Derlin Control Arm Bushings
    Maximum Motorsports Caster Camber Plates
    Maximum Motorsports Solid Rack Bushings
    Complete IRS from 2003 Cobra
    New Power Steering Rack
    Eibach Rear Swaybar
    Maximum Motorsports Subframe Connectors Full Length
    18x9 and 18x10 Gloss Black Saleen Replica Wheels
    Nitto Invo 275/35/18 and 295/30/18 Tires
    18x9 and 18x10 Gloss Black Forgestar CF5 Wheels
    Nitto NT01 275/35/18 and 315/30/18 Tires


    Stoptech Big Brake Kit (Front) with 14" (2) Piece Rotors
    Stainless Steel Braided Brake lines
    Front Pagid Yellow Race Brake Pads
    New Hydroboost Unit
    New Stock Cobra Rear Calipers and Caliper Brackets
    Motul Brake Fluid
    Hawk Rear HP Plus Brake Pads
    Slotted Vented Cobra Rotors
    Hurst Line Lock Kit


    Stock 2003 Cobra Tremec 6-Speed Transmission
    Speed Cal Speedometer Calibrator
    SPEC Stage Two Kevlar Clutch
    FRPP Aluminum Driveshaft
    Metco Driveshaft Safety Loop
    Steeda Aluminum Clutch Quadrant
    Steeda Firewall Clutch Cable Adjuster
    3.73 FRPP Ring and Pinion Gears
    Torsion Differential
    DSS Level 2 Upgraded Half Shafts with Road Race Prep, Freshly Rebuilt
    Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter
    Reverse Lockout VSS/OSS Control Box
    Motul Gear Oil
    Steeda Adjustable Clutch Cable
    Synchromesh Trans Fluid


    Classic Soft Trim FR500 Seats
    FR500 Steering Wheel
    Cobra Gauge Cluster
    35th Anniversary Shifter Knob
    UPR Billet Items
    Kenwood Garmin Navigation Head Unit
    Polk Audio Speakers
    Coustic 12 Inch Subwoofer
    Alpine Amplifiers
    Saleen Aluminum Pedals
    35th Gauge Bezel
    Maximum MotorSports 4-Point Bolt in Roll Cage
    FRPP Boost Gauge
    AeroForce Interceptor Gauge with added Oil Pressure and Temperature
    Dual Pillar Pod
    Schroth 6 Point Profi 2 Harnesses
    Full Dynamat Front to Rear
    Window Tint

    2003 Cobra Front Bumper with Fog Lights
    2003 Cobra Side Scoops
    2003 Cobra Rocker Panels
    2003 Cobra Rear Bumper Cover
    2003 Cobra Side Mirrors
    2000 Cobra R Functional Front Bumper
    New Black Bezel Headlights
    APR Carbon Fiber Functional Adjustable Rear Wing
    Tiger Racing Functional Heat Extractor Lift off Race Hood
    AeroCatch Plus Flush Hood Latches
    Custom Tangelo Orange Paint Job and Finish Work
    New Windsheild
    Steeda Cowl Hood


    Library Slideshow by petermacmaster | Photobucket

    PLEASE SEE THE ENTIRE ALBUM OF PICTURES HERE!!!!!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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  2. Thats a great looking car!
  3. Still for sale!!! $25,000 takes it!! or I am going to part it out!
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