00 3.8 to a 5.0 swap(plz no just sell the car)

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by brandon21, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. anyone out there done this and if so i could use some advice on it. and yes i know every1 says to just sell the car but cant do that the car has personal value. has a 3.8 and it died so i am putting a 5.0 out of a 88 grant mark and was hoping for some help with it. the 5.0 has everything on it including the AOD trans and computer.
  2. I have never done this but have heard of many 3.8 swaps being done. If you can, see if you can't get a 5.0 out of a 94-95. This way the fitment just sits better. You could take the gauge cluster and wiring harness to match. I have never heard of a 5.0 in a late built 3.8 tho. Just the earlier 94-98 ones. Does it have the electronic or mechanical odometer? I'd say its a littler more easier to do if it has the mechanical odo if you decdie not to go with a 94-95 and pull the gauge cluster. You will need to determine which wire is for what on the cluster wiring harness. That's why I suggested a 94-95 and swap the gauge. What tranny is currently in the 3.8? I know you wont be able to use your current tranny with a 5.0. What I hear is the input shaft on the 3.8 tranny will be too long for the 5.0's output shaft. Maybe find a T5 from another 5.0. I would prefer that against the AOD from that Mercury. AOD's are just troublesome imo. They don't hold up as well as the T5's or C4's.

    Have you ever thought of getting a used 4.6 engine instead? Just an idea.

    Try asking this up in the 5.0 forum section. There's a hell of a lot of knowledgable motor heads over there that have done many engine swaps. You may have better luck asking there.
  3. Thank for the help but this is pretty much have i have to work with. I was hired to intergrate the wiring on the vehical and it was dropped off with the 3.8L in it with the stock 4 speed auto trans and the 5.0 and trans with it. Yes it has the electronic speedo in it. The individual asked me if i could install the motor also and i told him i would check into it. I have already told him it would be cheaper just to find another car but he is hell bent on me using this one. He is looking for a donner mustang but not having much luck so far. I have read all the info i can find on doing this and I would love to find someone else who has done this kind of swap or somthing similar.