00 auto vs 98 5-speed.

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  1. Well today after church my friend and i decided to finally go out and run our cars. My 2000 auto is completely stock and his 98 5-speed had a flowmaster muffler but that was it. We went out to a road that is rarely driven that we could see down for a good mile and a half. I took left lane and we did the whole "go on the third honk" thing. On the third honk we both spun a little bit but not overly much. He was surprised when when he chirped into second. It was amazingly even the whole time. The most either of us ever led was 5 feet or so. Seemed like we were just going back and forth w/ the lead till we got to about 100 and we both backed off. Great time.

    I know it was street racing and it was illegal. Both of us were buckled and had no passengers. No other vehicles or people around and the road was really wide. The closest track to us is a good 2 hour drive so that isn't an option for either of us (and w/ V6es we probably wouldn't anyway).
  2. funny...i spin 1st on half throttle, into 2nd spinning, and can chirp 3rd at the track....other then this showing one wheel cant take the mods I have chirping 2nd can be done in a focus..........and the auto mustang 99-04 should beat a 98v6 since they have no power....then again a 00 stock auto vert.....no comment just make sure when doing these things they're isn't anything or one around...u will get ur car taken