'00 engine swap into a '94 in progress, a few questions...

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by animuL, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. '00 engine swap into a '94 [edit] DONE!

    I am pretty new to this stuff but I have been doing some searching around so please bear with me here. I Bought a '00 3.8L out of a Mustang and put it in my girlfriends '94 to replace her blown engine. The new engine is sitting in the tranny is bolted up, I swapped the exhaust manifolds and hooked up the EGR as it comes on the '00. I swapped the motor mounts and everything seems to be going together just fine, but I had had a few questions for the work I'm going to be doing on it tomorrow. First off, I see that people keep saying to modify the wire harness to reach the coil packs... can I not use the '00 wire harness? This engine did not have a harmonic balancer on it, is the one off the '94 engine the same? The guy at the parts store said he had the same part number for the balancer on a '94 and '00 but I just read something saying that the '00 is internally balanced, is this correct? The fuel rail modifications sound easy enough, as well as installing the second temp sensor, is there anything else I am missing? I think something said that I need to swap out the dis timing thingy, is this correct? Would I be better off just buying a '00 PCM and hooking everything up to run like it does on the '00?? Thanks!
  2. I got it running yesterday just need to fix some brake lines to get it moving, but everything seems to work fine, thanks!
  3. is the change in the fuel rails the switch to a returnless system? or the other way around...my brain doesnt seem to be working properly right now... :D

    oh and i do think you would be better off using the computer from a 00.
  4. I spliced in the regulator and return line into the 00 fuel rails so it does have the return. As for the computer, I just used the 94 so I didn't have to buy a new PCM and mess with rewiring stuff. My guess is that you would have to move the pins around, no big deal, but if the 94 PCM works then great. I know on GM cars that it seems like later model year cars and higher hp cars have more conservative tunes and are more aggressive about taking out timing, so really in that case its better off to use the older PCM.