00 GT Brakes

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  1. Well i have bought my KB, but im still undecided on my brakes, ive been lookin at the baer claw kit with the plus one rear for like $1000, does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. brembo cobra R kit, 4 piston calipers
  3. What are your goals? Is this a street car only?

    Just the normal Cobra 13" kit is fine for a street driven car. If you want bling bling or plan on driving on the track the Brembo kit is the way to go but you may require 18" wheels.

    Not a fan of the +1 rear Baer kit. It's still a 1/2" thick solid rotor and doesn't really offer much in terms of fae-resistance. I consider the Cobra 11.65" rear kit to be a better rear brakes kit than the 13" baer +1 rear kit.
  4. +1, very true. i didnt even think about that when i posted. I have the cobra/mach 13" front kit and im very happy with it. Make sure you get some stainless lines and use good fluid
  5. i plan on using it on the road 95% of the time, i would like to take it to the track for a weekend here n there. i looked at the brembo cobra r's and there exactly what im looking for. i found them on summit the cheapest for 1200, which is around what i want to spend, but i didnt see the rear brake kit on there, is it suggested to do the rear when you do the front or will the rear kit do fine?
  6. also mustang5L5, have you got any tunes for your car? im looking for someone decent to do a dynotune once i get everything im doin done, i live in the worcester area but ill travel anywhere in MA
  7. Here's what i would do for the rear kit



    I don't have a tune on my car, but friends have gotten tuned by a tuner in NH. I forget the name offhand. I can find out if you'd like. He's highly recommended by a lot of guys here and everyone tried to use him.
  8. My mach 1 brake upgrade kit will be here next week. I bought some Valvoline synthetic fluid with a 500degree boiling point. is this decent fluid?
  9. That's what i use. It's good
  10. ok i think ive made my mind up on the brakes that looks like a great set-up, 5L5 i would appreciate it if you could find out the name of that shop and where its located, thanks alot for the help

  11. Sure i'll find out.

    Do me a fav. If i don't respond by monday afternoon. Send me a PM. I sometimes lose track of threads and might forget where to reply to
  12. hey man thanks alot, i appreciate it

  13. Yea... thanx I didn't know if synthetic would mess up anything?
  14. Nope. It's good stuff. It will blend with normal brake fluid as well.