00 GT hood or 01+ w/scoop?

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00GT hood or 01+ w/scoop

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  1. 00 GT

    9 vote(s)
  2. 01+ w/scoop

    23 vote(s)
  1. Which do you prefer? I can't decide if I like the 00GT hood or the 01+ with the scoop. Help me out here!:D
  2. hood scoop looks good to me even though its not functional
  3. +1 for the scoop
  4. trade you my '02 scoop hood for your non scoop!
  5. i like the scoop better!
  6. I would consider it but I live in the Seattle area. Used to live down close to Springfield though. Battlefield mall is pretty big.
  7. air brake > honey comb slot
  8. Hood scoop. When the '01's came out, i fell in love with the new edge mustangs because of the scoop

  9. Hood scoop without a doubt. I too fell in love with the New Edge because of the hood scoop and side vents. :nice:
  10. i got one for ya cheap if you want it.
  11. i have one without a scoop if someone wants it for cheap
  12. I dislike the hood scoop, I know if a SN v6 pulled in my driveway right now, I'd swap my hood and trunk in a heartbeat.
  13. i have a 99-00 hood and wing 03gt
  14. I hate my hood scoop and side scoops, I feel like a ricer.
  15. Both look great; I suppose I prefer the 01 w/scoop like the Bullitt version.
  16. +1
  17. What about the reverse scoop hoods on the 99 cobras ?:nice: Out of the 2 the one with the scoop is def better though.
  18. Definitely the hood scoop looks better. Whatever the hell kind of hood that is on the '99-'00's looks like crap. Might as well just had a smooth hood.
  19. I can't wait to do my suspension upgrades so I can get a smooth hood and remove my spoiler.
  20. PM'd you!:nice:

    "01+ Hood Scoop: Recommended by 2/3 StangNet'ers"

    Pretty convincing.