'00 Gt 'vert. Side Window Issues. Help Please.

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  1. Hey y'all wondering if you can help out here. My dad's 2000 Mustang is a convertible. The side windows are glued into two little tracks that are part of the regulator. The windows keep popping out of the rear tracks. It's obvious they had been "repaired" at one point. Looks like they used caulk. I tried to dig it out and use some "windshield" glue to fix it. Didn't last.

    I'm thinking it may need new regulators that aren't contaminated with the wrong adhesive. I wish there was holes in the glass then they could be pop riveted. Though about trying to drill some holes in the glass/track.

    Anyone here ever deal with this problem?

    Any ideas?

    TIA, Matt.
  2. A new window would come with a properly glued on track. You pop rivet the track to the regulator if it is like the front.
  3. Yeah, that crossed my mind. sounds expensive. I guess I should find out. Thanks.