00 GT vs 95 formula

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  1. My friend has a 95 LT1 formula w/ 6sp and basically stock, may have mufflers, on the other hand i have a 00 GT 5sp w/ mgw short throw, bassani off road x, magnaflow cb, and k&n drop in. I would have to say he has better tires and i want him to go the strip with me but always comes up some lame excuse not to go. Who do u think would win on the street or strip? Also i would say that i am a better driver than he is. My prediction is that i get him till 80 then he starts to pull in 4th
  2. What if? who cares...take it to the strip and then no more what IFs

    you should win though
  3. line'em up kick them off.

    if he is stock and if you are the better driver you'll win. OF course tht is alot of room for IF'S.
  4. you'll win easily....use to be LT1's when I just had a catback routinely....but then again I'm assuming you are a decent driver.
  5. LT1 6speed can be annoying car to race with, if and ONLY if he can drive. Most i've seen will smoke up first 2 gears. Look impressive i guess, as i scoot along.

    Basicaly, its drivers race.
  6. :lol::rlaugh:
    I am reminded of one of those "You got a Hemi in that thing?" commercials with the two rednecks. I can totally see you rolling away from an F-body that's just sitting there banging gears and going nowhere.
  7. How do you know?

    LT1's w/ the m6 can run anywhere from 13.5-14.0 stock with the average m6 running 13.8 That looks like a drivers race.
  8. Again, thats IF driver knows how to feather the pedal tho...
    If your racing one with auto and 3.23 gears, you better not miss 3rd gear or something.

    Or i guess they can mess up like i did once with my T/A.

    I forgot to shut off T/C, and got smoked by Corsica:nonono:

  9. i've tried to get him to run em but he is kinda scared i think. Kinda of a big rivalry between us two. For some more info he has 3.42 gears with his 6sp, and like i said in the beginning i am a better driver than him. The only thing his car has on me is better tires which doesn't really matter cause he is one of those people that thinks roasting the tires all the way off the line is a good start. O i forgot to mention he does have a stage 3 clutch, don't ask y he put it in a stock car, but he did.
  10. Well yeah, that can happen. Lets add what if the Mustang misses a gear, same same. However the statement I quoted was wrong. They arent as easy as many think.
  11. I have never seen a stock/catback only LT1 run a 13.5 at the track I run at and .5 variation is a little much for bonestock variance IMO. The reason I know is b/c a buddy of mine picked up a stock LT1 the same time I got my 01. Stock for stock we were running 14.0-14.2 consistently. After I added the exhaust and gears (he did the same) I was running 13.3's to his 13.5's. Fastest LT1 I've actually seen at SAR was running 13.1's and it sounded cammed and of course had the headers, y-pipe, catback, etc. Too bad for him I had my blower at that point :nice: . With his mods he should be at least 13.6-13.8 and the LT1 should be 13.8-14.0 based on my experience. Either way, go in confident and you should do well.....btw way keep it at the track...
  12. Hot rod got a 96 LT1 SS to run 13.5

    I have seen a few stock LT1's run 13.8 and minor bolt ons ones running 12.9-13.8 at the track. Heck the parts guy I work with runs 13.6 with his automatic LT1 and has just a catback and cai.

    Some of the LT1's in our local F-Body club were running high 12's with bolt ons and 11's with nitrous.
  13. Well I was very careful to say what I have personally seen in my second post. All in all though, minor bolt ons is pretty vague descriptions of why some go 12.9 to 13.8 at a track assume all the equals. Almost a second difference in times means a huge variance in mods/power... shoot I can say I've seen minor bolt on Mustangs run 12.2 to 14.5 at a track but does that really tell the story? One of the main reasons why I was refering to my friend (mods to times run) since that is an actual experience that I've dealt with at SAR. But then again, minor bolt ons for most Chevy crowd include cams, slicks and skinnies, heads, full exhaust, etc :nono:
  14. might have my friend talked in goin to the track with me tomorrow, it would be both our first times. I hopin he will go just to see what the outcome would be, cause he is considering selling his car for a ls1 corvette or ws6. At that point i know i will need a lot more mods to beat him. However, i wouldn't be surprised if he didn't go and if he does i will definetly get a video and post the results.
  15. Minor bolt ons for a LT1= Y pipe, cai, gears, a tire.

    Once the valve covers are removed its not a bolt on.
  16. man the lack of respect for the LT-1 on here makes me want to go out and buy one again. at best a stock 99-04 5 speed is a drivers race for a stock LT-1 auto or stick.

    In fact a LT-1 M6 has the advantage in trap speed over a 99+ car so I fail to see how LT-1's are a easy win at all.
  17. if we were on a camaro/TA board, if would be the exact opposite, 99+ gt, its a drivers race blah you should probably win blah blah.
  18. It is a drivers race and yes thats what they say. Here they talk about how slow the LT1 is and no way you can lose, you should kill him
  19. :stupid: I've always been impressed with how hard my friends '94 LT-1 Z28 auto pulls, and all he has is a catback, LTs and O/R Y
  20. i'm goin to say after riding in his car and mine he will have the top end pull on me, however, i'm not goin to race to 130 so i'm not too worried about it. I'll post times and results of the race if he goes tonight, i'm leaving home in about 3 hrs to head to the track. Perfect day for me to go.