00 GT vs 95 formula

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  1. good luck man!
  2. First time at track and made 3 passes. My times were:
    Run 1:
    e/t: 14.245
    60': 2.287
    trap: 98.43
    r/t: .102

    Run 2:
    e/t: 14.336
    60': 2.437
    trap: 99.33
    r/t: -.003

    Run 3:
    e/t: 14.254
    60': 2.361
    trap: 99.45
    r/t: .420

    I was glad with my consistency however i was a lil dissapointed with my 60' times. I was hopin to break 2.1 60' with a sub 14 e/t with a 100 mph trap. My mods are a mgw short throw, bassani offroad xpipe and magnaflow catback. I ran on some horrible street tires which contributed to my poor 60' times. So i will be investing in dr's in the spring.
  3. I take it he didnt go?
  4. Nope like i said i think he is scared, also he is an 2 hours away from me at college so. He told me he was goin to go next week with me but not run his car because he is goin to sell it. I figured that would be a good excuse to take it on the track but what do i know.
  5. :rlaugh: Scared of what?
  6. Of me and getting beat. Since we are best friends he doesnt want to lose any bragging right he has from when he used to beat up on my v6 stang, now that i have my GT he doesn't want any cause he knows i'm a better driver, and prolly have the better car now. So i guess he is savoring the embarrassment. Also his excuse to not go was that he didn't want to put the miles on his car driving to the track cause it was 200 mile round trip and that he plans on selling it soon and doesn't want to break anything.
  7. Going to track again this friday, and my the guy with the formula might be going however said that he didn't know if he wanted to run his car or not, this is really beginning to piss me off since he said that we would run me when he got an ls1 it's like no **** shirlock :lol: , let me go get a cobra and i will be right with you, prolly the dumbest thing i've ever heard him say.
  8. Whats this... a GM guy scared of a near stock 4.6... wtf?
  9. Dont know why.....The LT1 and the 4.6PI motor can run nearly hand and hand, but there might be a slight edge to the LT1 ......The LS1 however.....well we all know lol

    The LS1 with a few bolt ons can outdo the mighty Terminator....Of course with a pulley swap and Tune the Terminator is the baddest beast on the street !!!!!
  10. As i said he is scared because he knows i'm a better driver and he knows that i will beat him in a driver's race. So he has to go get a car with an additional 75hp and 50ftlbs of torque to beat me and i guarantee that i will still beat him out of the hole and through 1st and 2nd when he starts to pull on me.
  11. tell him you think his car is faster than yours, based on what you've been reading online lol. Make him think this is another opportunity for bragging rights, and I bet he'll race. Make him think he'll lose, however, and why would you expect him to give you a run?

    Just tell him you want to see how close your car is to an LT1, see how many cars he can put on you, and he'll likely not be able to say no lol.