00 GT vs CRX

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  1. Just race him and find out.. why waste time asking for opinions based on no facts from people over the internet?

    You'll lose to the crx, bigtime. No advice offered as to the RX-7 because you've provided us no information that's useful. "I think it's older, and not turbo" means nothing to me. It could have nos, a different engine, a supercharger, who the hell knows. Just race him and find out. .
  2. The Crx will whoop you, 20 lbs on a built Honda motor will run 11's for less than a shortblock and accessories.

    I was in the same situation with one of my buddies turboing a b18 Integra, which pushes 16lbs and runs mid 12's with DR's with full interior and AC........

    Your car would be in the 13's depending on how good you drive, if he cant get traction or cant drive or runs around 12lbs or less it will be a drivers race......

    I love my buddies Integra but I cant stand CRX's, especially since a CRX totaled out my Stroker Camaro last year........
  3. lol strange, i had one plow into my passenger side rear of my 94 tbird as he was flying out of a parking lot. i had a scratch from where his plate hit my car, he was totaled.
  4. Much different situation, I had backed into a spot where the rear end was 45 degrees sticking out of a 90 degree angle in concrete rails in a parking lot and the guy lost control pulling into the parking lot, hit the gas and t-boned the driver side of the front fender, screwing up alignment, snapping the control arms in two and pushed the header into the block causing it to pretty much crack, broke the motor mount and so on.....

    Lets just say, almost 19 at the time, helped pay off my Mustang and the rest of the mortgage on my parents house!

    I just wish i had a crapload of pics.
  5. i did give info on the rx7 i said its a stock older model before they had turbos
  6. the RX7 are crap without boost. the rotary is a neat little motor but needs more air to breathe to make any sort of power. just look at the RX8 for comparison, a stock 99-04 GT will have no trouble at all taking one from a stop or a roll, they have no torque until 6k, and even at the top end they can only do something like 270hp. they have the powerband of a S2000.
  7. CRX WILL walk the dog on you.... 20psi on any honda motor be it a D-16 or B20VTEC is going to make 250-350hp... 250hp is more than enough to beat you considering a stock crx weighs just over 1800lbs.
  8. yea your probably gonna lose. those lil suckers can move once they get a lil bit of boost. a guy up the street from me has a civic with a built b18 on 14psi he ran low 11s on drag radials. but the motor also blew every 3000 miles so he didnt have to worry about changing oil lol. it was built by abascus racing in VA beach lol. those 4cylinders though even buillt cant handle that much power for too long before they go boom.
  9. at the end of the day, he has a crx. you have a mustang. who cares if he can beat you..
  10. If what he says is true I'm presuming he also has at least appropriate tires. He won't exactly have traction, but at the crx weight, probably built motor, 20 psi f/i and nitrous? I bet that thing is scary to ride in, probably feels like its all over the road and going ridiculously fast.

    So yes you should lose unless he sucks really bad at driving. Or is really, really really really fat. Like 1000 lbs. And he'd probably still beat you if he could reach the shifter, so, you'll lose.

    (but I promise if you race him it won't be rape)
  11. Just ask the ladies what they would rather ride in, a loud v8 mustang, or a 90somethin honda who cares? :D Guaranteed you will win :nice:
  12. CRX and He Wont.

    especially in the bay area where its all asians, all the girls in the bay area are almost turned down the second you mention a domestic, but you tell them you drive a Eclipse and theyre like "OMG it has nawss?"

    and yeah, especially in the bay area rice is hard to judge. they have the reverse psychology rice, theyre completely riced out to make you think theyre a ricer without any real mods, and it ends up theyre fully built and riced out to lure you in for an easy kill. i fell victim to this once with my Eclipse GST (which was pretty modded in itself), came up to a yellow hatch and he instagated till i took the bait, then he let loose with a 150 shot on a built high compression b20/Vtec swap, it raped me whole.
  13. My brother used to have a vtec CRX with a little bit of spray. Light car (semi stripped interior) and no traction, but it would turn high 12s all day. With traction, who knows. But from a roll it was a monster.

    Honda's arent a joke anymore. Sure the ones with a CAI and a fart cannon are, but remember even the most POS looking ones have potential.
  14. If the CRX is built right he'll be quick. A friend of mine built a 95 Si hatchback w/a Japan Spec dohc motor and *** ecu(208hp stock) built the motor and installed a Drag Stage 3 turbo kit. With slicks he was running consistant 11.1's at the strip. He also has a Comptech supercharged NSX. That's what I want to see run.
  15. Yes I know it's a crx...and you are hangin with the wrong women son.
  16. AMEN!!!
  17. some of the people you guys know must not now what they are doing because guys around here are throwing turbo's on stock B16's and use them as daily drivers, no problems either... one of my friends just went [email protected] in the 1/8th mile in his 93 civic hatch with a set of lowering springs, nothing else... 300hp B16's require very little to make...

    another guy i know is running a 91 Civic Hatch with a D16 with forged rods and pistons and a stock crank and he couldnt get traction at the same track but he was runnign 9.0's at 90mph...

    the guy with the 93 civic has a brother with a 91 Integra GS-R... you REALLY dont want to mess with that car sleeved B18C1 block with built head, forged everything and a T3/T67 turbo.... he was shooting for 550 on pump gas IIRC