01 Bullitt and 03-04 Mach 1 Upholstery

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  1. Morning everyone! Do you LIKE this New Mach 1 and Bullitt Upholstery? If you ever wanted to have the look of the Mach 1 or Bullitt in your Mustang, you now have the chance! Check it out and let us know what you think!

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    We now also offer a full line up of 03/04 Cobra upholstery. It's some of the finest looking aftermarket upholstery that I have seen. I know if I owned an 03/04 Cobra and needed new upholstery, i would hop on it. We also offer the seat foam to go along with it. So if any of you 99-04 GT guys want to make the switch, it fits your seat frames with ZERO problems.

    Made From OE Patterns
    This Mustang leather upholstery kit features OE style patterns to match the seats that your Mustang came with from the factory. The material used is not factory exact, but is the closest match currently available. The factory type insert material is Alcantara. Unisuede is a high quality material that nearly identically matches Alcantara at a fraction of the cost.

    To check out the rest of the description for the new 03/04 Cobra Coupe and Convertible upholstery, simply click on the hyper link and scroll down.
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  3. And I'm subbed in case anyone has any questions for the manufacturer. Here's a sneak peak at the 10 Anniversary Sets:
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  4. Thanks for posting up. I love the look of the upholstery. Top notch as always.
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