01 Bullitt, built motor and more!

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  1. 2001 Mustang Bullitt #5295

    Car has 64k on it and is very well taken care of.
    Motor was built and put in the car in December of '09. Has ~6k on it since then.
    Motor was built by Corey Mattson from Patterson Racing Patterson Racing home of some of the baddest motors in racing!

    Iron block
    New cast crank from Ford
    Renegade forged H beams
    Probe forged flat tops that were fly cut by Probe for this car
    Balanced rotating assembly by Saum's Engineering
    Patriot Stage II's
    Anderson N32 cams
    Bullitt intake
    Anderson Power Pipe
    Pro M meter
    Windage tray
    Always used Brad Penn oil and a K&N filter since break in
    Tuned with SCT by Dewayne at D&G Dyno in Hennessey, Oklahoma and uses a 4 bank flip chip
    AEM UEGO wideband

    Tremec 3650
    Steeda Tri-Ax
    Aluminum flywheel w/inserts
    Factory 03/04 Cobra clutch
    Steeda cable/quadrant/firewall adjuster

    Rear End
    FMS 4.30 gear set
    Factory 03 Cobra 31 spline Trac Loc
    Moser 31 spline axles
    Moser 3" studs
    CHE Performance rear end brace

    255 in tank
    30lb injectors

    Strange 10 way adjustables, front and rear
    New Mach 1 springs from Ford
    Air bags in the back

    Power adder
    NX Iceman fuel solenoid and NX Lightning nitrous solenoid
    NX Piranha nozzle
    Set up for 2 10lb bottles with a Y block
    2 bottle heaters
    Electric nitrous pressure gauge

    BBK shorties
    BBK o/r X pipe
    Magnaflow mufflers
    Turn downs


    15x3.5 Fronts
    15x8 Rears
    28x10.5 Hoosier Drags
    165/85/15 Kumho
    Front wheels have an offset/machining done to them to clear the big Bullitt brakes without requiring the use of a spacer. This is f'n awesome.

    18x9 Fronts
    18x10 Rears
    245/45/18 Falkens on the front
    275/35/18 Falkens on the rear

    Satin black fuel door
    Satin black hood scoop
    Tinted taillights
    Mach 1 grill delete
    Mach 1 chin spoiler
    Shorty antenna
    Tinted windows (35%? idk)

    I bought this car back in 06 from the original owner with 42k on it, I've put 24k on it in the past 5 years. I have tried to take the best care of this car as possible, although I'm not perfect by a long shot, I think I've done well. The car regularly gets a full detail. Always garaged. Non smoker.

    My intentions were honestly to keep this car forever, so I treated it as such. I just recently got bit pretty bad by the fox notch bug again and I'm gonna see where that takes me. I fully intended on going turbo and automatic with it and just have a blast.

    I am a street racer through and through, and it shows (or doesn't, to be accurate) when you look at the car. The engine bay looks bone stock aside from the Power Pipe. The interior looks bone stock aside from the wideband. The entire nitrous kit is hidden, quite meticulously and in a damn clever manner. There is no indication of nitrous on this car, be it in the engine bay, interior or in the trunk. I spent many a dollar and hours making it as stealthy as possible and came up with some pretty cool #### in the process. I will save the pictures revealing everything for potential buyers, as to not spoil their fun, should they be interested in the same kind of fun I have had with this car.

    The car made 308/308 on the motor, 395/425 on the 100 shot and pump gas and has a 3rd tune for a 150 shot and race gas. I have only taken the car to the track one time since the week I bought it. On a soft 1.68 60' it went 11.90 @ 117. I personally think that with another outing, being more aggressive, it has a .50 or a .60 in it without changing anything else. The great thing about this thing is that it will leave just as good on the street, pulling the front left.

    I have the reciepts for damn near everything I ever bought for this car, save the heads and cams as they came on it installed... however, I think I have those reciepts in a filing cabinet at my parents' house if the buyer wants me to go digging for them to prove they are what I say they are (the car is featured in the customer cars section on AFM from when it was just a heads/cam car).

    The price is $16,000 for the car as it sits, $15,000 without the black wheels and nitrous. For the mileage, the work done to it and the condition of it, that seems to be a pretty fair price for a Bullitt these days, especially since you rarely see them with a built motor or really any work done to them by somebody that is more into racing than car shows. I am also interested in trades for an extremely nice and quick (10s and faster) fox body coupe that does not have a factory 5 liter block. I'm not interested in trading for junk, so if you don't think your car is comparable or you don't have a large sum of money to close the gap, please don't waste our time. I am located in Wichita, Kansas and am willing to travel if the money/trade or mixture of such is right.

    Here are pictures of the car.


    Under hood pictures, showing that there are no signs of nitrous... or really much of anything.


    Here is an old video I made just doing a small walk around with it idling. This was before the built motor, SCT and all that jazz. It shows the interior as well, with the wideband placement.

    YouTube - Bullitt Exhaust

    Here are a couple videos of it in action on the street. The camera car is a Trans Am (featured on the latest Pinks! All Out in Topeka) with a built h/c/i 6L, automatic, 9", slicks, etc.

    me vs bullet spinning bad 2 lengths.AVI - Car Videos on StreetFire
    Me vs bullet , spinning 2 lenghts.AVI - Car Videos on StreetFire

    And a walk around video.

    YouTube - Bullitt walk around

    If you're interested, email me, [email protected]
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