01 Bullitt Wheels, Where To Find Them

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  1. Hey guys,

    I messed up and bent/broke on of the edges on my bullitt wheel. I have shopped all over the place and just can't find the 01 color wheel. Apparently the 04 color was more popular so it shoved the 01 color out of the door. Does anyone have any advice on what to do or get a new one? Such a bummer :(
  2. Craigslist and ebay
  3. I just sold my beige anniversary bullitt wheels on Craigslist. If you are patient, somebody will but a new set of wheels and eventually post their originals up.
  4. If you don't mind me asking, how much?
  5. I had a pretty good set of Nittos on them. Asked $500 and got it. My wheels weren't rashed at all. The guy that bought them is putting adapters on his 65 Mustang and using them on that.
  6. I have a black 40th and I don't think I could ever sell my wheels. lol. Then again, I did chop up a one of 175 built 85 SVO for my race car...
  7. The thought of letting go of my original wheels did bother me for a while. But I ran out of space and could use the money for other stuff. I can always buy another set of bullitts and paint the arizona beige if I just got to get back to stock.

    I will note that even with the 555s, I could get no traction on the original size wheels.

    I noticed your avatar. Im from St. Louis. You watching the Cards tonight? I'm hoping they can pull it off and skip game 7.
  8. No, I was born in raised in Atlanta, moved to FL when I was 15, bounced around a little for a few years and, now, back in FL...for now. My dad is from Cuba and when he was little some of the only games they could get on the radio were Cards games so, that became his team and it rubbed off on me. Although, we did go to plenty of Braves games growing up (the good and bad years), haha.
  9. Braves aren't bad. I was a fan of Dave Justice as a kid. Cards are going to the series!!! Awesome.
  10. Craigslist and Ebay

    Issue will be determining if they are the 01-02 version or 03-04 version. Easiest way is to check the part number on the back of the spoke. You might get lucky and find a single wheel for sale. I know in the past i've sold singles on CL for maybe $25 a wheel.

    I actually have a BRAND NEW 03-04 Bullitt wheel i bought from FR a long time ago when i had my 2003 GT. I bought the car near new with perfect wheels and curbed one many years later. It bugged me so i bought a new rim but ended up selling the car before putting it on. Forgot about it until cleaning up a closet. Not going to sell it though. Thought about getting a peice of glass cut and making it into a small Coffee table :)

    PS; Go Red Sox :)
  11. I always wanted to make a wheel coffee table. Had an 06 Bullitt wheel for a while that was going to be my table. Needed space and sold it.

    Red Sox...:notnice:...Cards played like little leaguers last night...:nonono:
  12. It's ok, Wacha did his job. Back to STL for the next 3.