01 cobra - deal or no

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 95 yellow 5 0, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. I understand and that makes sense. I am a young fool though, so I'll be picking it up around 4pm.
    Plus I don't see an 01 depriciating faster than a 98. The 98 has about 48,000 miles on it already. 01 has close to 29,000. as long as i keep the miles down resale shouldnt be as bad. But like I said, it'll only be "bad" for the first year or two until I have a "real" job then I can make much larger payments.
  2. Hey 95 yellow 5.0 sounds like you have a nice 01 cobra vert. I've been looking at them also. When i was home last week there was one at a dealer(rothrock motors) black on black like yours with 14,000 miles; they were asking 24,000. They also had a sonic blue 03 ...uhh i wish. ttyl
  3. I think you may be over estimating the depreciation of the cobra. From everything I have been reading both in magazines and on forums the cobra is not going to drop as fast as you may think. There is some speculation out there that if Ford makes the closing of SVT official next month we will see a small value increase in the SVT cobra. Then over the years if you keep the car it will continue to gain small value. Then again who knows. I say as long as you are happy with what you are doing and not cutting your own throat making the trade Congratulations!! on the new Cobra.:)
  4. Congrats! Post some pics asap!

  5. Yeah, I just threw those numbers out there as an example. Hopefully value may go up a little if they do in fact close SVT in a week. :( Which I hope that Ford doesn't do.

    I was just trying to make a point that it is a fact that you lose value on a newer car at a faster rate than an older car.

  6. car runs great. only strange thing that happened was the passenger window randomly stopped working. The interior lights would flicker when I'd push the button on either driver or passenger side. I was going nuts then I thought it might just be a fuse because the car wasn't really driven since last december or earlier. I go home and go back out to show my friend the problem maybe a half hour later and then the window works fine and hasn't done it again... ? I'm thinking it's just the fuse. What else could it be?
  7. A warranty might be a good choice for you to get while you are paying this car off.
  8. Could be the reason the car has had 5 owners in such a short amount of time :shrug:</snip>
  9. i think the law is that it is 90 days for any car over $10k.
  10. ouch

    Welcome to the SVT family. I'm sure you will enjoy the car.

    A 5 owner 01 Cobra for $21,900 though :nonono: OMG I'd say you took it in the shorts on that one...
  11. I've got to ask- What are you paying for insurance on your new convertible after flipping your first Cobra?
  12. Yep, he took in the arse if you ask me. I paid 16K for a Mineral Grey coupe with 22K miles on it 5 months ago from a private party. I'm in the DC metro area and can't imagine they are going for that much more in New England, even for Black on Black's.

    Considering the problems with lights, CD alignment and windows he's describing, this is a bad deal. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess there are several other surprizes in store for 95 yellow 5 0 before it's all over with. I hope I'm wrong.
  13. oh and insurance isn't actually that bad. $6000 for me, mom, and dad for all 4 cars - 04 Maxima, 02 Envoy, 94 Grand Cherokee and the 01 Cobra. I totaled the 96 cobra in 2002.
  14. Is that per year or every 6 months?
  15. I have a 97 Cobra coupe black with tan leather 63K . I am putting it on auto trader this weekend for $11,500 o.b.o. That is under every other Cobra I have seen on there. Most are 12,500-16,000. The only ones of the asking price of 11,000 or less have 75K+ miles. I want to sell it quick, so I can bring my 96 out. Plus I am about to buy a house. I hope I can sell it fast.