01 cobra - deal or no

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 95 yellow 5 0, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Holy crap man.... I hope I can find a guy like you that will buy my car.

    And to think I was worried I was going to get 11k for it :lol:

  2. I got news for you- $500/month is really bad - even for a family with four cars on it. I have an idea why it doesn't seem all that bad to you, though.
  3. other quotes were for $10,000 a year for all of us. if ya break it down, it's probably $300 for me and $100 each for my parents.
  4. Ya'll must have the worst driving records on the planet. I don't have any kids on my policy yet, but with a 91 5.0 Vert, 01 Cobra Coupe, 00 Alero and a 03 4 Runner Limited we're only paying about 2,000/year for insurance. That works out to about $166 a month for four vehicles. Plus, I live in the DC metro area which is about the worst in the nation for insurance rates unless you are in Inner City NYC or maybe Detroit or LA.

    Even if my premium doubles when my son gets his license, I'm still way below your cost. I don't know how you can think $10,000 a year is a good rate.
  5. I hate to also rain on the parade, but I just bought a red 01 Cobra Convertible w/ 42k miles for $15,500 from a dealer in the Chicago area. I drove 400 miles on a thrusday night to pick it up.

    You should've spent some time and found a good deal. It took me over 4 months to find this one, but the thousands I saved was well worth the wait!
  6. Just take the time to be patient and look around. hell for what you payed, you could have almost bought mine that just went up for sale and it's an 01 with a fully built motor, supercharger, TKO tranny, and other various mods. Thats the way it goes though when you're eager for a new cobra.
  7. Just as a gauge, I picked up my modded 1999 Cobra for $15,000 with 30,000 miles. It was in mint condition and featured in Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords in 2001. The car has 445 whp and 367 ft/tq

  8. yea thats a good deal
    im hearing a lot of good deals on 99's but i don't liek the back bumper or the interior. 01s are harder to come by. yea i got pounded in the butt on it but with my situation it was teh best thing at the moment. convertible, triple black, bone stock. the car is mint. soon enough it'll have the 4.10s in then a catback and MGW shifter. can't wait.
  9. You're gonna love the 4.10's. I run those gears and even with 445 whp I still think the car would benefit from 4.56s. But nevertheless, I feel like this car should have come from the factory with 4.10's. IMO, it's the perfect gear.

    Also, I agree with you on the interior. Good thing I have an aftermarket Steering wheel (no air bag), shifter, shift knob and Corbeau seats. lol