'01 Cobra idle's too low

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by tfritz, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. Heya guys/gals!

    Well I got a problem here. I started my car after going to the bank and all of a sudden the idle is low. It starts up with that automatic spike of rpm then when dropping to idle it goes to around only 2-400 rpm barely keeping the engine on then stalls. It started fine two times that day with no warning of anything wrong, then out of nowhere it will no longer idle at normal idle rpm and stalls.

    I'm thinking ok...just adjust the idle right? But something concerns me on why it just decided to drop the idle. Also, when I adjust the idle...where do I start? :shrug:
    Appreciate any help, thanks! :nice:
  2. I would start with replacing your IAC (Idle Air Control valve), this is what controls the idle speed of the engine from the input of the pcm. When you replace it leave the negative terminal off for a little while to kill the keep alive memory, that way the pcm can relearn the new idle strategy with a properly functioning IAC valve.
  3. I agree with the IAC. Did it to me, replaced it and no problemo.
  4. Thanks. I'll check it out. My first thought was changing the fuel filter; it needs changing anyway. Is the IAC easy to obtain, install and cheap?
    Thanks for the help. :nice:
  5. The IAC is bolted on the intake plenum cover near the throttle body. It has a 2 pin electrical connector at the bottom of it and its cylinder shaped.
    A local ford dealership should have one, probably won't be cheap maybe around $100.