'01 Cobra Totaled

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 01BLKSNK, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Maybe some of you remember I'm new to the Cobra game, and it was a short lived experiance for me. I had just purchased my Cobra back in January and in April some jackass old man decided it looked to nice and ran me off the road, and caused it to flip several times. Needless to say it was trashed. I however was unharmed.

    (I have pics of the car on my phone I'll try and get them up here for you guys to see)

    After the insuance finally settled and paid the car off, I started looking for an '03 or '04 and couldn't really find one I liked. I was almost to the end of my rope when I saw a couple Lightnings at the local Ford dealer. I test drove one and I was hooked.

    I picked up a 2002 red lightning and I love it. As a matter of fact I took it to the track last night and smacked down a 13.26 @ 104.5 mph I was STOKED, the only mod it has are some SLP resonators welded in place of the huge stock muffler. :nice:
  2. glad that you are ok and you are very lucky good luck with the lightning
  3. Congratulations on the L!!! :flag: I have a 00 SVT that is black with Flowmasters. I know what you mean. First time I drove mine it was an amazing experience. The truck really really pulls, and IMO, it handles better than any Mustang I have owned. I find myself rounding freeway curves at over 100MPH. Just watch out for bumps, because there is no weight back there, and once I was out of control and feared getting bounced into the wall!!