'01 Cobra vs. '03 Mach 1

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by admdavs, Mar 8, 2004.

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  1. Just putting the question out for advice. I have been searching for my new Mustang for about two months- I'm still about two months away from making my purchase- and here is my dilema: I took out an '01 on Saturday and loved the power and interior- however, I have found a couple of Mach 1's for about the same price (I'm in the $22K-$24K range). I am not going to go too overboard with mods as this will be my daily driver- but the non-IRS Mach 1 will be nice to launch during drags- any advice???? :shrug:
  2. Mach 1. More power, more collectable, and it has a SHAKER!! Stock for stock, you can run with the LS1 in a mach 1. Stock for stock the LS1 will own the cobra.
  3. I don't know that I would call it more "collectable" then a cobra. If you want a shaker hood that bad you can get one for the 01 cobra. both DOHC engines how does the Mach 1 make more power?

    The solid rear would be better for drags, however you say it will be a daily? You might want the IRS then...personal perference... If I come across a comp orange Mach 1 new for the right price I would consider it for sure...but I am content with my 01 Cobra.
  4. Well this topic has been discussed several times rather heatedly and basically you're going to see that the Mach lovers can't understand the Cobra owners perspective and likewise.
    Since this is a SVT forum and I drive one, here's my perspective and I'll say it all in one post. The Cobra is one of the most unique Cobras made during the time SVT has been making them and currently its got something only 3 other Ford Mustangs has ever had...the independent rear suspension. Only 99+ Cobras have it as well as the 96+ Cobras have handbuilt engines and the Italian aluminum block between 96-01. Plus, the 99/01 Cobra had specific taillights with amber turn signals whereas other Mustangs and Cobras share the same except for the 93 from years past and also the 2001 Cobra has a specific leather/alcantara seat design that was produced only in 01. The seats, while remaining leather/alcantara in material, were changed for 03 and 04 in the Cobra.
  5. Yeah, for the same amount of $, one can score a new Mach I right now.
    Tough choice, but I think I'd go with the Mach I. There's just something about that new car smell! :D Plus, you'll know the vehicle's history from day one (ie - the Mach won't be abused, unless you choose to run it into the ground-heh). :cheers:
  6. Basically it comes down to do you want a stick-axle DOHC Mustang, or an IRS. Both have their plusses and minuses.

    I love my IRS but I sure would like to be able to drag race on it without spending money on fixing the hop. Solid rear would be nice for drag days.

    Gear upgrade would probably be cheaper on the Mach.

    I belive Mach's come with Tokico's all around don't they?

    The Mach's seats are pretty cool in my opinion, I actually like them more than my Cobra. Otherwise the interior differences are minimal.

    Mach's seem to have a bit more grunt down low...

    Tough choice. It's nice to have the choice actually. Had it been there when I bought mine, I'm not sure I'd have picked the Cobra.

    The only problems I have with the Mach are the color choices.
  7. I also believe that stock for stock the '03 Mach 1 would be the better choice vs. the '01 Cobra. Though the Cobra just has that allure that can't be bought. Is it fair to compare the Mach 1 vs the '01 Cobra on just the drag strip??? I know if we were talking '03 Cobra vs '03 Mach 1- well there wouldn't even be a conversation, but an '01 raises a few questions?????
  8. Mach 1 vs 01 Slowbra???

    Mach 1 every time!!!

    You should read the latest MMFF shootout between the 04 Cobra/04 Mach/04 GT.....

    They picked the Mach over the 04 Cobra even...

    You just can't beat the allure of the Mach name and heritage!!!

    The Mach 1 is the hottest thing on the block right now.
  9. I own a Mach, but I still think the 03+ Kebra is the hottest thing on the block, at least performance wise. But as far as previous Cobras are concerned I'd say it's a toss up as SVT guys like the exclusitivty and name while Mach guys like the heritage and name as well. :flag: I think they are both within striking distance of each other. Good to be a Ford fan these days :banana:
  10. MACH 1 !!!!!!

    If a 03 Cobra is not a option your best bet is going with the newer car. I must have missed it, but I say no warranty(01 Cobra) vs. Partial factory warranty(03 MACH1 < 36k miles) play a nice role. That was kind of my dilemma when I bought my car. Did I want a 01 with unknown wear and no warranty or a newer car with a higher price tag. Plus there was that whole scandle about how the 99-01 Cobras didn't actually produce 320 hp as claimed. If nothing else pick the car that fits you. :D
  11. I 100% agree that it is great to be Ford guy right now- no other company out there is putting out the kind of products Ford is. Now I know a lot of people would get on my case for that statement- but Mustang cannot be touched for heritage and appeal- DAMN the ricers!!!! But back to my dilema- I am beginning to lean more towards teh Mach 1- I want the newer car, and despite my love of Cobra- maybe a Mach 1 is the right car for now! Who knows, I know'll I'll change my mind tomorrow- Damn, can't I just get both!!!!
  12. Mach 1 for sure. It is newer and you won't have to worry about buying someone elses problems or a car that may have been beatin on. Also you can modify it just the way you want and not the way the previous owner may have wanted.
  13. I could have had either a 03 Mach I or a 01 cobra. I ended up with the cobra because I like the true blue color so well. Both are great. The Mach Is do feel a bit stronger in the lower RPM range and are easier to launch due to the solid rear Axil. The famous IRS wheel hop of the 01 cobras keeps them from being competitive with many cars like the machs in this area. Still, I would not trade my 01 for a Mach I. The cobras feel more tied to the road to me than the Mach Is. I think the cobras handle better. So, it depends on what is important to you. Also For me, the 01 cobra seats are hard to beat.
  14. i have a 01 cobra, and i dont really like the look of the mach

    having said that, if i had the choice back when i bought my cobra, i would probably go with the Mach. for one its new you cant beat that, has the solid axle and from what i hear the 04 will be the last mach 1s made

    on the other hand the 01 is the rarest cobra ever, the seats rock, and its the last aluminum block cobra and the irs is so nice in day to day driving. and look at it like this, how many faux machs do you see? how many fauxbras?

    up to you but in your case if you want a fast, reliable, rare, mustang go with the mach unless you get a killer deal on the cobra. plus 3 year warranty and that cool hood.
  15. I have another 10k miles or until Oct on my 01 cobra warranty...I bought it used from PA and drove it back to IN. Learned to drive stick, not good yet.

    Anyways just trying to point out if you find a nice 01 you might be able to find one with a factory warranty left.

    Mine also came with some things that are nice to have done for me already:

    KB front and rear strut/shock tower bars
    KB sub frames
    Steeda Springs
    Bilstein shocks and struts
    #4 Support found on the 03 cobras

    I should have a box waiting for me tonight with a Pro 5.0 and M&M CC plates now too. Just need to get money to install them LOL.
  16. Guys saying the seats rock in the 01 Cobra, have you sat in the Mach 1??? Those seats are pretty sweet as well.
  17. I hate to say it, but I like the Mach 1...one reason. Different motor, more power. As far as looks...toss up.

    Cobra Pros
    Hood is different
    Front Clip
    Rear Valance ( 01,only new body style w/o blower with "COBRA" in the valance)
    White gauges are cool

    Cobra Cons
    Motor isn't as potent as the Mach
    Gears are too low...

    Mach1 Pros
    Hood...can't beat the shaker
    wheels (like cobra's better though)
    POWER...at a dyno day last weekend, I saw a Mack 1 lay down 290 with exhaust and pullies.
    Gearset is a little better
    Solid Axle
    different motor
    "ram air"

    Mach1 Cons
    Tailpipes look weenie
    rearend looks dinky to the front
    ground effects look cheap and added on

    I have driven and ridden in both...the Mach one stock for stock is faster.

    LS1's wouldn't own the Cobra...it would beat it hp vs hp...get the right driver. LS1's have a good set of gears for that motor...the 4.6 doesn't. Match it up. Get a 4.6 with 3.73's or if you really want to be mean 4.30's. It would be over....the Cobra would still be "stock"
  18. As for me, no I haven't however I have no reason to do so. I'm completely happy with the level of comfort the 01 seats have. I can drive a 200 mile day trip without any discomfort at all. Also, the 01 Cobra, Mach 1 and the Bullitt all share similarities in the foam and seat structuring. It all comes down to whether or not you like the Cobra's leather/suede seats with the Cobra stitched into the seats or not. They are very comfortable...plus visually unique.
    I think one thing that really keeps me satisfied with my car is that besides the completely acceptable power production and the exclusive road manners that the IRS offers, its the color. As Bluehorse mentioned, I'm completely in love with my ultra rare True Blue Cobra color. As for the performance, the Cobra is entirely capable of mid 13s and sub 5 second 0-60 runs. That certainly isn't sub par and it rides like no stick axle can offer. That's what keeps me happy. :D

  19. Drive a Mach 1 and you'll know what your missing...

    Rare?? Mines 1 of 900
  20. When i see a mach1 riding down the road, im like there is a mach 1.When i see a new cobra it really turns my head, they are just to sweet.
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