'01 Cobra vs. '03 Mach 1

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by admdavs, Mar 8, 2004.

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  1. THe mach 1 looks really good, but im not to impressed at all with the rims, if i got one that would be the first to go. The shaker hood is nice, interior, and the performance. The cobra is really sweet, probably a better car but you can get the mach probably with less miles also. This is a very tough choice hope you make the right one
  2. Can't get much more unique the comfort weave leather and silver leather stripes in the seats. :shrug:


    As far as ultra rare true blue, I had a True Blue GT so the color itself is not that rare. :)

    In the end it's cool that you like your Cobra so much though :flag:
  3. I agree, the rims suck IMO, I wish I coulda swapped my Bullitt rims from my GT when I bought my Mach 1 :nonono:
  4. Oh yeah, I know that True Blue isn't that rare of a color as it was produced in regular Mustangs from (I think) 2001-2003, but on the Cobra it is very rare with probably not even more than 700 coupes and convertibles total in existance, which makes it one of the rarest colors offered on a Cobra specifically. Factor in the two interior colors offered and mine is only 1 of 87 made like it. That's not really meant to sound boastful, but rather selective in that I love having a car you don't see very often. I've never seen another one like it on the street before.
    As for the seats, sure, I can understand that the seats in the Mach are unique in their own right, but not as distinguishable as the Cobra seats IMO. The stitched Cobra insignia makes it easily recognizable as a Cobra, but I do like the Mach's seats by the pics I've seen of it. I wouldn't say I'd prefer it, however over the Cobra's chairs myself styling-wise. That's just my preference.
    As for the Mach, I've said time and time again that if I didn't have my Cobra, I'd likely look at both the Mach and the Cobra for a new car choice. Matter of fact, I'll have to say that I seem to like the white Machs better because of the contrast in the black accents and decals to the white. The Mach is an incredible bang for the buck no doubt, but it just doesn't beckon me to trade. There is just not enough gained in straightline performance to warrant losing the IRS or the joy of owning a Cobra. Plus, I've got almost three years paid on mine and considering that the all-new Mustang, I wouldn't likely trade for anything else but something entirely new. From what I read, the "lowly" 05 GT may be able to show both the 01 Cobra and Mach its taillights all for around $26k-$27k and offer unrivalled handling characteristics.
  5. True, I've probably seen one TB Kebra and it was a coupe. Also, there would be no point for you to trade your 01 for a new Mach I agree. Oh yeah one more thing, I also agree about the White Machs with black acents...I'm a lil biased though.
  6. The Mach makes more power & torque throughout the rpm range due to different head design, different intake cams (sourced from the Navigator & the same cams the '03/'04 Cobra use), revised exhaust manifolds, and slightly higher compression.

    To illustrate the difference, here's my stock '01 Cobra dyno overlayed with my stock '03 Mach dyno.
    Both cars had ~ 700 miles on them at the time they were dynoed:

  7. "the joy of owning a Cobra..."

    Lol, Cobra is a name plate on the car, not the car...get over it.
  8. I am in agreement that though the Cobra nameplate is something special- a Mach 1 vs the '01 Cobra just leaves me leaning towards the Mach 1. My primary concerns are both athstetic and straightline power- which based on what I have been learning the non-IRS Mach 1 is much more acclimated to for launching off the line- if only I could get my purchase tomorrow instead of July!!!
  9. Not to flame...but dude, come on. Quit being an idiot. You have a Mach1, I have a Cobra, whatever....both cars are awesome. You seem like an F-Body fan than a Ford guy. Slamming eachother because our car isn't a "Heaven Forbid" Mach 1? Who cares if Joe Blow has a Mach 1 and I have a Cobra. I love them both. As you read my reply above, I have pluses and minuses on both....knock that chip off of your shoulder and lighten up. We are all in the same "family"
  10. i just think that in time the new machs will be forgotten and the cobras will endure. machs are nice but no means a cobra, of course it has more power its 2 years younger and two years of more developed than the 01. pound for pound the 03/04 cobra is the king not the 03/04 mach. if i could swing it id be in a 04 cobra now, that is gonna be the car that will be remembered when people talk about the "good ol' days" i dont think that a smidge more hp/torque over a 3 year old car is too much to get excited about and i would be worried if ford was unable to pull more power out of the n/a 4v two years later

    as for interiors, how can you compare the "comfort" weave with looking at two embroidered snakes? and the gauges? come on.

    anyway i think its sucks that we cant compare mustangs to another companies pony car any more and have to go backwards in mustang years and argue amongst ourselves

  11. hes talking about 01 cobra vs mach...hands dwn the mach is everything the 01 wanted to be....as far as 04 cobra..ahhh yea we all woulda got that if money wasent an issue. :flag:
  12. i can read thank you, and if you could read you wouldve read that i stated that if i had a choice back when i bought my 01 i wouldve went with the mach and told him to do the same. the ONLY reason is the age of the 01. i think all you mach guys secretly want a cobra anyway, while else do you hang out in the SVT forum lol.

    does stangnet even have a mach forum? ive never checked :flag: :banana:
  13. I've thought that for quite awhile that this sounds like the same type of comments you'd here from a few of those LS1 guys that would swing over here or on the Corral and talk junk about Mustangs. Only thing is, this is worse coming from a fellow Mustang owner...and this is the SVT forum so what would a person expect from Cobra owners? Dare a SVT Cobra owner have any loyalty.
    I like the Machs a lot, but I am not the least bit envious about a Mach. To be envious, I would have to feel my car is inferior and I do not think that in the least. If we were all of the mind set that the quickest was the best, then between 1993 and 2002 we'd all have been driving Camaros and Firebirds and the F-bodies would be in production and the Mustang would have been discontinued or be FWD. I didn't subscribe to that theory and like I said, the only advantage besides the difference in year models is a slight straightline advantage and honestly if that was all I was after I'd probably go straight for the blown Cobra if acceleration is all that's important. What counts with a car is how you use it and I've owned enough stick axle Mustangs to know that the 99/01 Cobras offers a most enjoyable daily driver where bad roads are a reality and there's plenty of power readily available and when that becomes boring, a healthy aftermarket to do as you please.
  14. I've driven a 03 Mach I and it was nice. Seats were not bad either. I could have ordered a Mach I, but decided to go with the Cobra. I drove an 03 Mach after I had my cobra for a few months. It did feel stronger in the 2500RPM to 5000RPM range. The Mach seemed to fall flat after about 6000RPM. The dyno charts don't support that gut feel though, so it could have been the Mach was new enough for it's engine was still tight. I had the red Mach and my blue Cobra sitting side by side and man there was no comparison. It's the true blue Cobra for me. Besides, this car is plenty quick and I don't plan to race anyone.
  15. Yeah, I'm really getting tired of SVOKING. Man, I could work you with street tires... And I drive a lowly Cobra...

    To the original poster, I would go with a Mach because it has tons of potential and has a warranty.
  16. all i know is i always hear little kids saying "look dad, its a cobra"
  17. I read in MMandFF mag that the MACH has really weak pistons and rods, where as the 99/01 cobra has a strong crank and better internals. So wouldn't the cobra be much better if u plan on adding boost or juice?
  18. I don't care if the stock mach1 is a hare faster in the straight line, the MUSTANG COBRA engine is HAND BUILT with a forged crank, and better internals. The IRS is a lot more refined than a STAGECOACH rear axle. The 99-01 cobra's have a better body, fascia, fog lights, and edge design. No offense, but the 99-01 cobra's are awesome cars when modded(bolt-ons). I have a 99 cobra with 311rwhp, and no headers or porting or inner fender cai. The mach's fall in power after 5k. My cobra makes 25 more hp between 5k and 65k, than the mach1 stock. The MACH 1 may have a little more power down low, but both cars fully modded(bolt-ons), the 99-01 cobra will pull on it after 5500rpm. The bottom line, Mach's are assembly line cars, with assembly line motors and body's. The COBRA'S are HAND built by specially trained SVT techs on ROMEO'S NICHE LINE at the DEARBORN assembly plant.

    The SVT MUSTANG COBRA'S have it all: incredible performance,rarity,high investment value,and sex appeal. The name COBRA is synonymous with pure unadulterated power and performance. Cobra's are really refined, powerful, road track cars, not STAGECOACH rear axle MACH 1's. The SVT mustang cobra will always be better than the MACH 1. If MACH'S are so great, why are they assembly line built like all other FORD'S. Listen, troublemaker svoking, Cobra's are more than just a straight line MACH 1 car, the're fast off the line, awesome around a track, EXCLUSIVELY built, and designed by ford's elite performance group, SVT. Mach's, just another ford. Mustang cobra's, Ford's premier performance automobile.

    Mach's should'nt even be in this forum, this is svt only. So get out.

    P.S. I did'nt want to do this, but Mustang COBRA'S are the epitomy of brute force and raw power in an automobile. I love my COBRA, and I have to stand up for the COBRA owners. The cobra name attracts and intimidates other performance automobiles way more than the MACH 1 does.

  19. reply

    Couldnt have said it better myself.
    Why are all the Mach 1 guys in the SVT forum?, i don't remember Mach 1s ever being built by SVT.

    Quoting from Mustang Monthly "While the GT Mustang certainly commands respect in performance circles, the crown jewels of 2003 are the Cobra from SVT and the special-edition Mach 1 from Team Mustang".
  20. This thread is starting to give me a headache... :doh:
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