'01 Cobra vs. '03 Mach 1

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by admdavs, Mar 8, 2004.

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  1. lol,

    The 01 Slowbra may have been the best thing since sliced bread in 2001, but the post ask which is better now. Mach 1 hands down. Cobra=Mustang just like Mach 1= Mustang. Its just a name plate. "I have a Cobra" "the cobra mystic" "I own and SVT" What does any of this mean??? Nothing thats what. You cobra guys are so hung up on the fact that your car says "Cobra" that you can't even see that its a inferior car to the Mach 1.

    Mustangs are and will always be muscle cars. The Mach 1 pays homage to this better than the slowbra.

    And to the kid....uh, Cobras are not hand built you moron...just the motor.
    Why would someone in an LS1 respect the 01 Slowbra more than the Mach 1 if they KNOW the slowbra is slower???

    Also, can anyone here tell me exactly why a 4.6 built by hand is SO much better than one done by machine?

    What a bunch of babys...
  2. SVOKING, do you even have a Mach? I sure hope not for the sake of all other Mach owners on this board. And I know a lot of Mach owners (seem to be a lot more than Cobra owners already) and they are all nice. And they know enough to ask me for help with their cars when there's an issue or they want to mod.

    And where do you live? I'd like to show you what that "nameplate" looks like...
  3. Fellas, I did not intend to start a war of words here- I merely was asking for advice about whether an '01- thats an '01 Cobra would be a better purchase than an '03 Mach 1- Nameplates are important yes- but not an end all be all reason for my decision. I posted this in the SVT forum as well as the Mach 1 forum to hear the opinions of both owners. Some posters in this forum are comparing an '03/'04 Cobra- and that is an unfair comparison- of COURSE if I had the $ I would get an '04 Cobra- it is superior in just about every respect- but being a younger guy with a mortgage- I'm comparing an '01 to an '03 Mach- so all of this arguing- RELAX about it- as it was stated before they are both MUSTANGS and as the prophetic Rodney King once said, "Can't we all just get along?" :shrug:

  4. Unfortunately no, we cannot. Or rather, some of us don't want to play by the rules. My apologies for closing this thread, feel free to start a new one if you'd like...

    SVOKING, I strongly suggest that you carefully re-read the forum rules that Mr. Raburn has put into effect for all of us here
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