01 cobra vs. 94 corvette

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  1. Is a 2001 cobra faster than a 94 corvette?I have been hearing from people that a cobra is faster than the early 90's corvettes. :shrug: Is that true?

  2. Depends. Back when I had my '95 Maxima SE, before I converted it to 5spd, and before the supercharger, I raced an early 90's vette, and tied it. This is with me letting him have the first jump.

    I think they have different variants depending on the year, but if my old-old low 7 second 0-60 Max could handle one, I think an 01 Cobra should annihilate one.
  3. That would be a close race. I had a 93 30th anniversery Vette before the cobra, and it was torquie as hell. The Vette felt way faster to me than my 98 cobra did when it was stock. 92 -96 used the Lt1 engine, which was no slouch. The 80's vettes are the ones that are total sleds.

  4. It all depends on the car/driver, it could go eirher way. I've owned 3 vettes before I picked up the Cobra. If the 94 was a stick with a good driver, it could run a low 13 bone stone... very few autos will run that quick... most are in the 14.0 to 13.7 range.

    I do know of a bone stock 95 LT1 vette thats ran a 12.9x at E-town... this car was a stick with an extremely good driver.
  5. If you take stock vs stock...MT tested a 94 LT1 6M and it ran a [email protected] with a 5.2 sec 0-60. Car and Driver tested a 2001 Cobra (equal to the 99 w/ fix) to a [email protected] and a 4.9 sec 0-60. One thing though. The Vettes had 3.42's which were a pretty good match for the 5.7. The 99 Cobra has 3.27's which are terrible. I ran a [email protected] in my 98....see mods below. stock gears.
  6. Yeah and I think the Vettes are a lot lighter than the Cobra.
  7. Alot of people refer to TPI vettes as early 90's vettes. The LT1 did indeed start in 92 for the vettes. Those vettes should be good for 13.5-13.7 @ 103mph or so.
  8. I have kicked the idea of an LT4 maybe a 96 CE around. Should be good for a couple tenths better...like mid to low 13s. Nice cars too. I just want to many damn cars.
  9. The 96CE is sexy for sure!
  10. I don't want to start an auto vs stick war but we are talking about dragracing, my 92 auto vette with nothing but a muffler replacement, not a cat back exhaust, ran a best of 13.5 on street tires (automatics are 99% of the time better transmissions for dragracing). I have never seen a lt1 powered vette run in the 14's. That 95 lt1 that ran 12.9 stock at e-town is incredible, his first name is frank and is known on the vette forums as Mr Mojo.

    Too be honest with you this is why i am having such a hard time buying a cobra. I have always liked mustangs but the performance isn't quite there, not meant to offend anyone. I joined this board to look at peoples project and get an idea of just what is needed to reach my performance standards.
  11. I really dont know if the 01 Cobra is faster than the Vette, should be a good race stock vs stock.

    Buy a Cobra and put some 4.30 gears in and the performance will be there definitely! My car throws me back in my seat pretty good with my 4.30s all the way through 4th gear, its awesome. What are your performance standards?
  12. I hear ya! You LT1/LS1 guys can pull amazing numbers out of nowhere and back it up at the track. A comparable straight-line car from Ford would be the new Mach 1's. They're posting traps from 101-106, e.t's in the low to mid 13's with nothing, and mid 12's with minor bolt-ons, mainly slicks and a gear. Start checking out some of the Mach 1 times, you'll be impressed! Ford is offering some great rebates on them as well. Some have gotten 5spd brand new mach's for 23k or less.
  13. I want to state again that i am not trying to preach GM here and start a forum riot. Well in my opinion there is absolutely no excuse for a performance car (mustang, vette, camaro whatever) to quarter any slower than 13.5. I am actually interested in a 94-95 cobra but they seem really expensive for what they are. Ten year old carswith like what 240hp?

    I apologize to the original poster for getting so far off topic. But to answer your question your average 94 corvette is going to quater somewhere are 13.4-13.7 with street tires, what does an 01 cobra run.
  14. i dont know why my car is so fast, but i ripped off a [email protected] conditions were really good (cold, slight tailwind, and no humidity) but i dont think i should be getting 2-3 tenths out of it...ill be able to see this year if i can back that up...

    LT1 corvettes are definitely fast, but id never get one with an automatic...they are good for consistency, but not for sheer performance unless they are built. id get the cobra, not only because i love them...but because the aftermarket is huge and more affordable than the vette's...some 4.10's, exhaust and drag radials and you are DEEP into the 12's...and for a decent price too :nice:

  15. Your average Cobra is going to run right around that area, Give or take a few. But a 99+ Cobra Will have a better top end charge then a LT1 Vette.
  16. I will put my $ on the cobra. I have raced a few lt1 vettes and none have impressed me one bit, looks like a glorified camaro going down the track. I said Lt1's, not Ls1's, before any :bs: starts flying.
  17. come on now. i have a 94 corvette with an LT1. i have been up against 3 svt cobras and were they mad they spent all that money on their "special" mustangs. my car is bone stock but they just didn't remember one thing-------CORVETTE------- means something.
  18. ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-hah.
  19. I didnt spend "all that money" and if a vette beats me, congrats, nice car, good driver. You dont need to come on here and start flame wars, its lame. Corvette means something to some people, to me it means, old man trying to cope with his age. Cobra's are just as special, go fast parts, ability to stop and corner, limited production, and they are even cheaper than a vette. So you spend your money where you want, and we will spend ours where we want. Dont knock someone because they dont like vettes, just quiet yer mouth, and think what you want. :cheers:

  20. I used to have a 98 5spd maxima i did some mod's to it, It's a great sleeper nobody know's anything about them!