01 cobra vs. 94 corvette

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  1. Very true. The stock 3:27's absolutly do not suit the 32v Cobra's high rpm thrust, and the 3:42's are not bad for the powerband of an LT1. Still, the cobra properly driven should take the vette, but it is really going to be a driver's race. Should be damn close.
  2. What is it with those? I remember like 3-4 years ago I drove an old friends tired-looking 5-spd maxima (mid-90's model, don't know what year) and I couldn't believe that thing. It power suprised the hell out of me for what it was.
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    FYI...in my 98 in my sig...I installed 4.30's and ran a [email protected] (best) I never ran slower than a 13.06 with the 4.30's.

    My best dyno was 296 with headers(LT's) pulleys, JLT CAI, MAC catback and H-pipe, Diablo, and a tune.

    I would like to see a LT1 Vette(with mild bolt ons like mine) beat that. At my track, you consistently saw LS1's(better than LT1's) running 13.0-13.9's with exhaust at-least.
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  5. How about my heavy LT1 95 Z28. With the same mods as you except I had shorty headers and 3.73's (completely stock motor) I layed down 301rwhp/338rwtq with a Hypertech Power Programmer as my "tuning" mod. That did nothing for power. I only ran the car on street tires and even with 3.73's, leaving the line at idle with STREET tires, and baby shifting I netted 13.3 @ 106 with a crappy 2.14 60'. Our mph's indicate the same speed at the end of the track, you just got out of the hole better. By the way, my numbers are average for an M6 LT1 fbody. One of my buddy's ran his 95 Z28 with dr's to 12.8 @ 109mph with the same mods as me, but no power programmer. There is no reason a vette cant do better...
  6. Those are good numbers.

    There are always faster cars or exceptional cars. I am just stating from what I have seen and witnessed.

    BTW...you generally don't find too many vette owners that will thrash their cars....as compared to stangs and Z's-T/A's
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