'01 Cobra???

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  1. I am looking into buying a 2001 Cobra. Now I would love to have that car, but I have a firend who has one and he has some tapping noise in the heads. I have heard there was soem head problems with the 01's but I dont know if the guys were just hating on the stangs or if it was a common problems with them. So are they good cars to get or wait till a better deal???
  2. Well, some (only a handful, hard to give accurate numbers, but maybe a couple hundred of the entire build?) of the 2001s suffered from pinging and/or detonation. If you can hear the sound of "marbles" while the motor is running, especially during spirited driving, then a "flash" of the PCM/computer, along with changing to a colder spark plug *might* solve the issue (some will also say that the quality of the premium gasoline used might also have been a contributing factor). Again, don't let this scare you, most of the '01s did NOT suffer from pinging problems. :)
    Just make sure the tranny is in good working order and isn't suffering any problems while shifting gears (grinding, etc). Check out the usual stuff while looking at any used vehicle, and you should be good to go...g'luck! :cheers:
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  5. I had a right window fail on mine, but no problems otherwise. I have 20K miles on it now. It's a great car. For me there are few cars that look as good as a 2001 true blue cobra. Good luck. I might suggest you have someone knowledgeable take a good look at it.
  6. My drivers side window took a crap on me as well, but i looked it up online and there was easy fix for it.
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