01 Gt Opinions

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Paul1981610, May 21, 2014.

  1. Ok need some advice and opinions. I have an 01 GT with pulleys,cold air intake,bbk throttle body, the upgraded(now stock) ford racing intake manifold, bbk shorty headers, bbk x pipe, flows, sub frame connectors, lowered 1 1/2 in. And a chip, well I think the chip is a load of crap it's an EPC P7 power plug can't find much info on it. Anyways disregarding the chip what do you guys think my hp output is and what is my next affordable step. Btw it is a 5 speed. This next year I have plans for either a root or a centri supercharger. But for now what are some good additions to what I have. Not looking for a burner just a quick fun drive.
  2. 280-290 Hp at the flywheel. By far and away the best bang for the buck is to change the cars rear gears. Nothing gives you a more seat of the pants feel, stepping up to a 3.73 ratio will make the car feel as though it's gained 40 or 50 Hp. These cars suffer from a lack of low end torque and gearing it up is the best remedy for getting the car into the power band quicker. Next best might be a set of decent cams, you will see nice gains in both power and sound with the cam upgrade.
  3. Thanks restomod66. The cats are off too. With those shortys it sounds so different than my 98 4.6 I had with the x and flows. My wife drives the car two days a week to work so I'm wondering how the 3:73 would effect MPG. probably not to much. I swapped 3:27 for 3:55 in a sportrac we had and it didn't effect it that much
  4. The 3.73 will have an effect on freeway MPG b/c you'll be spinning quite a few more RPMS's at 70 MPH. But your city MPG will see next to no change, in fact with the deeper gears it's a lot easier to take off in first gear from a standstill. You can even skip first gear all together and start out in second gear with very little issue, fewer shifts on your way to high gear means a little better MPG.
  5. Just found out it has 3:55. And it is an o/r x pipe. Thinking of a short throw