01 Gt Shuts Off While Driving

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  1. Hey, so I'm new here but I figured this is the best place to ask this question. So I was driving my car today and it started acting funny. The first sign was as I made a u turn and I got on the gas a little it started fluctuating between 500 and 2000rpm so I let off the gas and fluctuation stopped. I was able to drive about three miles home smoothly and parked. Then about ten minutes later I left again and drove a block and it shut off as I left a stop light. I figured it was just an anomaly and started the car and kept going uphill. But then it happened again it would roll at idle and as soon as I gave it a little gas it shut off. Then I started again to take it home and it cut off while I was turning. It is very smooth when it shuts off and you can barely hear it when it happens. It still has battery power when it shuts off though. I have checked my battery and terminals and wires, all of my coils are plugged in, and there aren't any obviously visual problems under the hood. I have an automatic transmission that was rebuilt about 1500 miles ago. any ideas?
  2. Could be a fuel pump issue. How much gas is in the car? How long has it been since he fuel filter was changed? Can you hear the fuel pump when you turn the ignition on without cranking the starter?
  3. I can hear the fuel pump, but I'm not sure when the filter was changed.
  4. Save yourself a possible wild goose chase and have the battery and alternator tested. Most auto parts stores will do it for free. Also check the battery terminals and cables. Are they CLEAN and tight?

    Don't fall into a false sense this couldn't be as simple as a bad battery because the motor was running at the time.

    No battery = no alternator.
    No alternator = no motor.

    Start the trouble shooting with a known good charging system and battery.
  5. It was my alternator :) thank you. A bearing went bad.
  6. Thanks for posting your results and fix to the shutting off problem.

    My alternator went bad (OEM one at 175k miles) spun a bearing and replaced it. Then all of a sudden car idled smoother and started faster. Never had it tested or anything. It is quite amazing the feeling the car had with a battery that is able to be fully charged..lol